Monday, February 05, 2007


I remember the days of the vietnam war , when the warmongers over layed the propaganda on the population, telling us that our military was saving OURFREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY, by killing the vietnamese people.
That was a vietnamese civil war the warmongers wanted to influence the outcome.The sad thing about the whole episode was that OUR political warmongers chose the wrong side to support.

The US military was given the worst propaganda, about who are our friends and who were not. Our soldiers were aware that they were fighting a losing battle and wanted to get the hell out of there, fast. A good soldier knows he has to comply. Again , today in Iraq, the warmongers, sold the military the worst lies since vietnam and shamelessly they think their propaganda was totally accepted by ALL in the military.

In the Senate, on monday, after the Super Bowl, the supporters of the warmongers, blocked the full-fledge debate on Iraq and blamed it on the military in the field in Iraq. Senator Judd Gregg Republican N.H. pretending to care about our priceless youths caught in the middle of another civil war, proposed an alternative to the proposal to STOP the INCREASE of military personnel and bring the invasion to an end.
This is how a WARMONGER disrespects the military he thinks cannot think or has no access to universal information... "We should not take action once soldiers have been sent into the field and are putting their lives at risk," he said. "We should not be saying to them through a resolution, which is nonbinding, that we don't think the mission you're on makes sense and we don't want you to do it." says Senator Gregg.
You will think that this Republican is a member of the Roman Empire' Senate, 2000 years ago. This was the argument used to justify and keep the Roman army fighting and plundering Africa and the Middle East until it was beaten back permanently behind the walls of Rome. Even then without todays communications, soldiers wanted to end the plunder of other peoples countries, because the justification was not there and without that moral justification , they mostly lost the spirit and lost the support of the Roman people. All they had was the manipulations of their warmongering Leaders and their supporters in the Roman Senate.

The same scenario is playing in our Senate today. We know where the Roman empire ended up, in rubble throughtout Italy, salvaged by a symbolic religious masquerade called the Vatican City. Where is the USA Empire going if it continues down the path traced by past Empires. WE HAVE TO STOP THE BULLSHIT... understand where this leading and get out Iraq before our Empire crumbles in the dust of the middle east.

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