Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another Bat and Ball game ....exist...YEAHH

Unknown to most Americans, there is another Bat and Ball game that is played every day around the world. In fact a World Cup of the game of CRICKET is going on right now in the Caribbean. The games are played from Jamaica, all the way down the necklace of islands to Trinidad and Tobago and on to the South American State of Guyana.

The history of Cricket is the history of Baseball. Baseball got its rudimentary principle from this 'hit the ball with a wooden bat' idea from this former Regal English game . In terms of beauty of the play , CRICKET , has the ability to allow the spectators, (fans) to enjoy power and grace of the Batsman , while pileing on his personal runs that contributes to the teams final total. The game is simply about , who makes the most runs WINS.. But the individual plays of the Bowlers, Fielders, and Batsmen , particularly in the version being played in the World Cup. , make fabulous entertainment.
The game like most games are played, in and by, communities and neighborhoods in Europe, Australia Asia, Africa , in some South Americans States and in the Caribbean. The following is an excerpt from a Novel by famous Caribbean novelist EARL LOVELACE....

see if you can capture the imagery and picture of his tale... ( the title of this book is "Nobody will tell you who you are"..

" In Cascadu when Franklin went in to bat, around the ground (ballpark),the talking would stop. The people will look for a good place to sit, and from the Savannah the word would go out . little fellas (boys) will take off running in different directions to make the announcement.... Franklyn batting!!... Franklyn batting..!! Through the whole village ... (through the neighborhood ) it would go, Franklyn batting... and before she goes out her door, Miss Dolly would pull out the wood from her outside fireside and add some water to the pot she is cooking so it can bubble slow while the wood glowed to ashes .

.....Kenny slowing down his Taxi to shout out as he is passing, to the people bathing in the Spring. Hey , all you.. Franklyn (is) batting, Franklyn is batting!! You hear what I say Franklyn batting.. and he would drive another five minutes before turning around to pick up those ready to go and carry them to the Cricket ground.. And in the house behind the Savannah Manick's father, (on his day) off today...sitting down in his Hammock would make sure that he has a big cup water and a Bowl of peanuts on the floor , so he would not have to move while Franklyn batting!!..... Melda a clerk at Mendoza 's shop..ask Ross to hold on for her,at the counter with the selling , so she can go and see Franklyn bat.. she would go for just one Over (six balls) just one (she pleads) holding up one finger. Ross also raised one finger , while opening his eyes wide , emphasizing just one Over.

People look at cricket for the runs , but with Franklyn, it was the runs , yes, it was the runs, but his batting was'nt only (about) runs , it was the spring in his step, it was the spring in his step, it was the dance of his body, the confident readiness of his muscles to move forward and backwards, to tiptoe or pivot or kneel or duck (as the ball is hurled towrds him by the bowler).... That's just a peep hole into the luxurious entertainment that Cricket brings to the Fans...." Now the International World Cup is in the Caribbean..... The sad thing is that only Directv customers can get this spectacle LIVE....

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