Sunday, September 30, 2007


My mother had a saying ,that she picked up from her mother, which said: 'The bed you make, its there you shall lie'. Justice Clarence Thomas was interviewed on "60 Minutes" , the television Show on Sunday night. He gave the interview, to help sell his personal life, written in his auto biography book.

In his interview, he sounded and looked like a hurt man, begging for understanding from the African American population. In my opinion the man is unrepentant for utilising his talent as a Law Professional, in the service of those who principally administered and benefitted from an uneven system of Justice and Economic virtues to middle and lower income families, especially African Americans and other minorities

Justice Thomas is a product of cruel poverty managed by the evil Laws of Jim Crowe in the oppressive Old South. He is man Black American with a brilliant mind that sought to see about himself, joined the political organisation that supported and mostly encouraged the brutal violence against African Americans. The Republican Party , as an American institution, cannot be used as a sanctuary by the oppressed or children of the victims of racism and exploitation and hope to , years later beg for understanding.

Have you noticed that the Jewish Community shows no mercy to those who encouraged or supported the oppression of Jews during the period of fascism in Germany.

Justice Clarence Thomas lamented that he could not get a job after receiving a law degree from Yale University. It is no shame for an oppressed person to choose to work for someone who is willing to pay an acceptable salary. But it is done with the full knowledge that you will pay a price in Life or Death, that is heavier than a mountain. More importantly you are always judged by your actions after you have attained success.
There is no greater achievement in Life , than to have the ability to receive, the admiration ,love and respect from people of your community. If you did not get that love or admiration, it is only because you showed that community no respect by not serving their interest.

Therefore Justice Clarence Thomas has no sympathy to receive. Nelson Mandela served 27 years in prison for serving the interest of those who were most oppressed. what did he do???

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