Wednesday, October 03, 2007


President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney pulled of the greatest money making scam in the history of Planet Earth. It is so bad that at the end of this Dick and George Show, America could be dead broke.

I am confident that not since the expedition of Alexander the Great, that broke the Greek Empire and made it possible for the Roman Empire to emerge, have we seen such a drain of a country's resources.

The hearings of the Blackwater mercenary Army, which in fact is the private army of the Dick and George Show, clearly reveals that, we may be thinking of a" war on terror" but it is really a trick , to burglarise Americas national treasury. If we look with uncontaminated eyes, you will see that the war in Iraq ended about 90 days later after the invasion and occupation began.

But there were , first ,an Iraqi national response to the occupation called a terrorist insurgency, then followed a series of well documented military abuses on the Iraqis. This seem to fuel an all out conflict between factions and between the religious factions and the US forces.

In the absence of an International peacekeeping force, from the United Nations or from individual Countries of Europe etc., the private army of Dick and George were used for multiple purposes including the old colonial military policy of 'enflame divisions amongst the population to better control them'.

So the ending of the war in Iraq (90 days after the invasion)was counter productive to the Goals of , controlling a Foreign country, in the middle east, using it as a staging post for more conquests, at the same time controlling the revenue from Iraq's oil, and building a network of private contractors to support their grand plans while having all this financed by the US treasury. The income to the our treasury, in the final analysis will be zero. A big fat nothing.

Have you noticed that England declared that they are no longer using the phrase.. "War on Terror" Have you noticed that all the countries of the socalled 'axis of the willing'all pulled out. They appeared to have made an agreement, not to give details for their reasons for doing so.

It is my belief that Nancy Pelosi and the leadership of the Democratic Party, have eventually found out the scheme, and the depths to which its revelation could destroy, or at least threaten, our national security, together with the financial and economic foundations of the USA. They, as a conquence, have decided ,( it appears), to allow themselves to be held hostage, to protect this country from collapse and ruin, by the White House Administration until a new President is sworn in, and has the capacity and power to rectify the situation.

This may explain the softer tone of the Democratic Party Leadership , as opposed to the more radical approach called for by the rank and file and some members of the media . Many people in the hierarchy of Americas social and financial levels are aware of the impending disaster, so big donors are throwing all their money at the Democrats , indicating their desire to stay far away as possible from the Republican Party and its sins.

Hillary Clinton in the meantime has taken a quiet middle of the road philosophy to her campaign for the Democratic Party's nomination, trying to neutralise and dampen the mood of discontent amongst the middle and working classes of America.
They all know that ,we , who live in America are not ready for the bad news. I feel disappointed for us Americans but I feel sad for the poor white folks of the Red States, the Trailer Congregation, who has been the backbone of support for the Republican Party in the White House.

Since before the civil war these poor white folks have been misguided and misled by con men from amongst them and uppity white folks from the big cities, promising ,in return for their hatred of African Americans and other minorities, to alleviate them from poverty and improve their living conditions. They are going to be terribly disappointed again when the mess hits the fan.

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