Thursday, October 18, 2007


There is an old proverb or saying, that suggest those who are closest to the image never gets to see the whole picture. This is true when describing the general reaction of Americans to the scary national leadership in the White House.

The international community on the other hand are sitting in the comfortable viewers balcony seats and charting the development path of our national and international activities. They sensed where we were heading.

What is actually happening, a Rush Limbaugh follower asked me recently, via email ? In simple terms the answer is "very bad things are taking place in the "brain" of the USA. Just as in Columbine and other areas of mass violence , "very bad things" were happening in the "brain" of the attackers before the chaos occurred.

Similarly just as those closest to the attackers, never interpreted the signs of insanity as anything dangerous,until after the fact. That's the way Americans all over this beautiful land are ignoring the sins and signs of a Leadership gone bonkers, consumed by the corrutpness of the power they wrestled from the congress , in particular and we, the American people in general.

It is quite obvious to those who are paying attention, and reading the actions and reactions coming from the President and his joint co President, that something very bad is going to happen soon. In my opinion the DEVIL IS RESIDING IN THE HEARTS OF OUR MAXIMUM LEADERS thirsting for more blood; your blood, my blood, the Iranians blood, more Iraqis blood, Chinese blood, Immigrants blood, American children's blood or just plain blood.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has intimated that she has told the Leadership, namely the President, ( in private) things about his administration that are unlady like. She too has seen the insanity close up, and is unwilling to do or say anything courageously, in fear of causing a political nightmare.

The sad question is how could so many people have missed this potential insanity. How could the media of all institutions not recognise something wrong. Journalists like Paula Zahn and Wolfe Blitzer spread themselves out, like red carpets looking up at this Leadership, from very early and did not see this pending evil and to alert us. Yet every country and their citizens were connecting the dots , making precise predictions.

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