Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Keith Olberman of MSNBC's countdown , talk show, calls it the decision to break the Great US Constitution, to break the congress, to make US citizens obsolete in influencing the direction of their government. The Vice President of the USA, Dick Cheney, apparently has been dreaming up a scheme, since avoiding and dodging servicing his country in Vietnam, to impose an Imperial Presidency, a kind of , elected Monarchy, in diametric contradiction to our cherished American Constitution.

A former adviser to Richard Nixon, John Dean, painfully explained to the talk show host, that the neocons Republicans had been planning for a long time to transform Americas democratic principles, and Presidency, into anti democratic dictatorship, with powers of a King, called President. He said they had the plans in a draw waiting for a big bang, to trigger the opportunity. When 9/11 came they just opened the draw, immobilise and demoralise Congress , neutralise the American people and put the plan into effect.

Mr.John Dean, former adviser to Richard Nixon, now the author of "Broken Government",revealed that Mr. Dick Cheney thought that disgraced President Richard Nixon should not have resigned. Since as President and Commander in Chief he did not owe any explanation to Congress or the American people for breaking the law and being dishonest.

I sat there listening to this assessment of President Bush and Dick Cheney's visions of grandeur to rule world using the US military forces , and thought of those comic book villians that had working plans to rule the world, like Adolf Hitler, with his outlandish blue printed dreams, and bring pain to the world. Up till now those dreamers' plans were smashed by great American heroes like, Spiderman, Batman, Superman,or Captain America. Or as in the case of Hitler himself, by the great liberating US armed forces of world war 11.

People in and outside America, are all earnest;y praying, asking their heavenly Gods, who will be the Great American hero to liberate the Great American Constitution, the US Congress, the Great American children without Health Insurance and the American people generally, from these forces of evil residing in the Great American Palace.

Do we know who that person is? I don't we do. But we know that person has to be here soon, because we may not have an opportunity before the November 2008 Election. We may be too busy agreeing with the decision to invade and blow up Iran. Then , again,we may not have an Election in November 2008.
What if the Blackwater mercenaries, inspires military action here at home, that forces President Bush to declare Martial Law and postpone indefinitely the Presidential Elections? Neither the US Congress or the US Supreme Court will be able to help us. I don't know.....I am just asking, about the Powers, that the Imperial Royal President of the USA, will have to give up January 20th 2009. Do you think Vice President Cheney will want to spend his own money to support the Blackwater Mercenary Army? Do you think the neocons will crawl back into their holes, after tasting our blood, and give back power to the American people , because we democratically voted them out?

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