Friday, July 13, 2007


Most of my posting reflects my political sentiment, as I respond to the reckless leadership our country has fallen victim to. Fortunately I am not simply a political animal , as my grandfather use to say. I have a beautiful brown skin wife who is very sumptous and love to be devoured.

This month is our anniversary and since I had been working out of town the last time it came around I wanted to do something delicious and sexual. I wanted to see that sparkling smile, my wife has become famous for and I also want to impress and make her girlfriends jealous . So I know I had to come up with something original, at least to her.

If I am going succeed I have to overcome some contradictions such as 'Miss Sparkling smile',commitment to her religious spirituality that has turned her into a sexual conservative, but however, she's always wet whenever I touch her "catty -ann" . So I have strike from the list, girlie -girlie action, or strip club visits.

I think am going to have to settle for Dinner,Wine , with John Legend and some Smooth Jazz in the background. But this time I am gong to add some spice for desert , some "exrralove" for variety and extra pleasure.

One of the first things I do after turning on my computer,on mornings, is to read the sexy happennings of Karael at 'my'. She has provided me a wealth of understanding into the sexual mind of the married woman. I have learnt the value of the sex toy in the woman's dresser draw. So I have been shopping at 'Sex toy sex' for extralove arsenal.
You can see them on this page under heading LINK....titled "sexual extra love" . You will see the kind entertaining weapons I am going to introduce on anniverssary night. My intention is to complement our personal touch , with a ride on the silver surfer.

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