Sunday, July 01, 2007


It may appear that George Bush tenure has been a failure . If we are using the criteria to judge Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln and all the others including Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, then Mr Bush was a failure.

However we must be aware that these former Presidents were not blatantly puppets of American multi -national Corporations as George Bush agreed to be. We have to understand the reason for Dick Cheney being placed on George's right shoulder.

In the past national Corporations held only partial sway over the American executive branch. This was mainly because the American people called the shots, (to some extent), to the Presidents, and made them serve their interests using such methods as protests and demonstrations.

The attack on the Great American Constitution by Dick and George and the placing of puppet Justices in the Supreme Court was part of the strategy to immobilise and neutralise the American population . The beneficiaries has been Corporate America hoping to implement a straight jacket anti people economic , political and foreign policy that served them exclusively.

In this argument you have to pencil in the timely and convenient attack on 9/11. There are more questions than answers but it surely is suspicious that this attack occurred , we lost thousands of people , but the pointer group, the Neocons, were able to come thru for the American multi -national corporations desire to strangle American development

The issue of immigration has been skillfully mishandled by the entire American leadership in the Congress and in the White House. The normally anti people Republican Party found themselves divided on the issue because they could decide who to serve. Their choice was either the American corporate desire to have unfettered access to international workers to keep the price of labor very low so as to inflate their already bulging profit margins. The other was the rabid (always angry) white American who wanted somebody to easily hate. Or the White American who could be convinced illogically that the non white international worker will threaten their balance of the population.

If America was fortunate to have a President that was serving the people of America, he would have had the ability to objectively show us the benefits of having ready to work people to maintain our country's economic edge. But we are influenced with subjective backwardness from folks who work against our interests. Therefore we cannot get anything right, such as Health Care , social programs, International adversity, spreading the economic benefits of our success, even how to handle people rushing to help and continue to build America.

We have to end the coup that brought the anti people Corporate America policies and politics to the White House. We have to inspect continously,whom we expect to lead. We cannot allow the historically hateful minority to influence our country's ability to handle simple and complex problems.

To hopefully get it right we must amongst ourselves , in the middle class and the lowly paid working class, organise at all levels of the society. In the work place , in our neighborhoods, in the social settings, etc, where ever we congregate. But we have to be prepared to talk about influencing our leaderships in the counties, in the States and on the National levels. Lets make ourselves politically important again. Our America is yearning for our involvement...don't let her down.

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