Tuesday, June 12, 2007


It is Mid June 2007. With the exception of the Upper middle class , and the Upper class (that includes the Oil producers), STOP and take a look back to the year 2000, January.

From then to now , we may see a country standing on a cliff , with two options. Either to take off and soar like the mighty Eagle or head down to treacherous slope to the bottomless canyon. As an American , with a heart of gold, where would YOU honestly say ,we are heading?

With the exception of the attack on 9/11, can we say that it is our fault, we collectively made a horrid miscalculation in who we chose to lead this great country?
There has to be some admittance , some kind of confession, to cleanse the soul and our foresight so we can do at least two things.

The first is put into perspective what was lacking in our analysis and vision to cause us to make that choice, not just once but twice. The second is to re exam our social and political outlook, that will force us to re -classify personnel and issues differently.

Last week I heard a report stated that 70% of the American population live paycheck to paycheck. That is not good. That's too many people hanging on by a shoe string. Be mindful that is not 70% of the targetted immigration scapegoats, we are told is the reason we are heading south down the slippy slope. That statistic represents the red blooded American family,who are seriously, one paycheck away from disaster.

If this is true , how can we fix it, in this modern era? What are our options? If there are any , do we care? Perhaps we prefer the Paris Hilton approach (without the financial support) of just floating around oblivious of time , space and circumstance.We then can collectively sigh....'that's hot', and forget about it. If we care , I will make my suggestions later in my next post. Let me know.

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