Monday, May 21, 2007


As a society we have made a habit of singling out groups, mainly ethnic groups for crucifixion.

We did that to the Native Americans, to justify building a new world. We did the same to African Americans, when we could not get access to continously use their FREE LABOR .

TODAY a new Immigration Bill is being proposed to make it "tough and fair" for International workers, commonly called Immigrants, to be added to our productive forces.
But why TOUGH and not just FAIR.??
That was the same question Dr. Martin Luther King asked of white America . One of the watch words of this democracy, is , JUSTICE FOR ALL. But we are proposing a law against International workers, that is tougher than the Trade Laws we have their countries.

We are asking the International consumer to purchase our products and services, while attacking their families living in America. Only biasness will inflict such one sided thinking.

Why does'nt it just be FAIR?? The same reason the fascist laws of segregation were tough. The new Bill is intented to bring pain and suffering to its target.
Senator Mel Martinez, my Senator, for my district, is agreeing with the people of the same mindset that drew up the segregation laws.

The new Immigration Bill is targetting Hispanics on one hand, and generally non white folks from everywhere on this Planet. This is mainly because former President Bill Clinton announced a year before he left office, that the composition of the population are close to levelling off between Whites and non whites. South Americans Hispanics were seen as largely responsible for this balance in the census numbers.

The border and the fence are smoke screens in the argument against International workers from South America. Border crossings take place all over the world. Europe is a maze of borders , workers moving as best they could trying to find the best deal for their skills and Labor. we are not hearing about mercenaries patrolling the borders of Germany , looking to kill somebody, who is looking for work.

But in the USA we are classifying them as infiltrators, subject to arrest, as enemy combatants.

No senator Martinez and other Senators and congressmen, you will never miss the water until the Well run dry.
You see, with International workers you don't have to wait for the investment , from Baby to Eighteen year old, to bring a person into the productive work force. They can consume goods and services already made for consumption. They can pay to ship products to their families and friends at no additional cost to the manufacturer or distributor.

Look at the positives not negatives , as perpetuatedly sponsored by the segregationist thinkers slithering in and around Congress.

As a progressive Leader , here in Orlando, Senator Martinez helped clean up the biasness in the Orlando USCIS office. So , we are asking him to be progressive again, he does not have to change his Party. Just serve the people!!

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