Friday, April 27, 2007

Naive Americans Fooled by the Vice Commander

Today the former CIA Director is publicing his new book .... a tell all about the socalled WAR ON TERROR. (the British has given up the propaganda term) It appears that the VP (vice commander of evil) Dick Cheney created a scenario, so that his company could profit from invading countries in the Middle East with undersize US armies , while building a private mercenary army using taxpayers money.

The sad thing about this experience of electing the Republicians , led by George Bush and Dick Cheney, is that the only people who failed to see the trickery of this act of treachery by the Republicans was ordinary Americans who wanted to hurt someone in response to 9/11. These self seeking , greedy, Republicans , those in the White House and those in Congress , abused our patriotism at our weakest moment, for their personal gains.

We, the American people should seek revenge and justice for the mis- information, for using propaganda to scare the American people, for questioning our patriotism when we asked questions. Our Justice system MUST serve America by bringing to court , the people responsible for doing us wrong and embarrassing the intergrity of the USA throughtout the World. But please no pardons for any of those convicted,as the Great President Abraham Lincoln did after the Civil War.

Even the Active servicemen are openly exposing the Sins of these cruel people.

See the excerpt of the article concerning active duty Lt.Col. Paul Yingling..
By THOMAS WAGNER, Associated Press Writer
BAGHDAD - An active duty U.S. Army officer warns the United States faces the prospect of defeat in Iraq, blaming American generals for failing to prepare their forces for an insurgency and misleading Congress about the situation here.

"For reasons that are not yet clear, America's general officer corps underestimated the strength of the enemy, overestimated the capabilities of Iraq's government and security forces, and failed to provide Congress with an accurate assessment of security conditions in Iraq," Lt. Col. Paul Yingling said in the article published Friday in the Armed Forces Journal.

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