Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Building an online store,made easy

shopping cart
The concept of presenting an opportunity of an online store front for potential online merchants, is not necessarily new to internet users. Maybe to the millions of new users being introduced to the wonders of the internet everyday , establishinging a market location online to sell products , from an attractive store front will be great and fantastic. However seasoned online merchants and prospective online business seekers , will soon become aware of a most appealing and attractive marketing approach to ecommerce. The company ASHOP commerce, has revolutionize the practise of building and maintaining an online store, and made it easy.
ASHOP Commerce has introduced three main features, which are : SHOPPING CART SOFTWARE, SHOPPINGCART AND ECOMMERCE. this makes creating an online business with a store front, for internet veterans, professionals and first timers very simple, understandable and manageable. In fact it seems that they are so good, they won the 2006 My Business fuji xerox Award. I took a tour of its website and took a Test drive of the features ,practicing to build an attarctive store. I was impressed with the brilliance of the approach and its suitability for all levels of internet experience.
This company is so innovative and creative they have a special page, ASHOP COMMERCE SOFTWARE features. It is a kind of video FAQ where every posssible question is listed and you see the person explaining the answer. Real cool and customer friendly .
Additionally I found the pricing mechanisms to be thoughtful and smart, in fact it is called 'smart packages'. There are even financial arrangements with banks and credit cards to make everything convenient for the prospective online store owner. In my opinion, this approach to modern ecommerce, will set ASHOP Commerce , Shopping Cart and Ecommerce company, apart from the other online store providers. I am talking from experience, you see, about three months ago, I too attempted to establish an online store to sell products I found online , with a company that was no where close to this luxurious online store facilitator.
I am convinced that with ASHOP SHOPPING CART SOFTWARE, SHOPPING CART AND ECOMMERCE , online store owners, will feel as proud as any Mc Donald Franchise owner in any part of the world, that's how good I think this program is. You can find this company at

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