Monday, August 15, 2005


American consumers were the most admired inthe world. Consumers from Europe , Asia and south America admired the wide variety of quality products and services available and all loved the American spirit of shopping.
But there was one quality of the American shopper that everybody the worldover were most proud of, it was our demand for standards, standards in quality , service and price. We were the revolutionary consumer, neither the manufacturer nor the white house administration were spared the wrath of our organisation and response, to defeat high prices or poor quality products.

The Bush Administration is now labelling the GREAT USA as a conservative country, who are no longer leading the world against high prices and consumer protection. We now roll over like a 240 year old man and accept what ever is thrown at us as consumers. We behave like we are ALL , the 8% very rich , who we pay the price even if its astonshingly ridiculous.

America, we are now sophisticatedly conservative, we are posh people, we don't protest, we accept our COOL AID, from the conservative leader, and wait to die .

The frigging price of gas is $258.98 per gallon. Five dollars gives you only 1.8 gallons of gas .
Isn't this over 100% the cost of gas since George W. Bush invaded Iraq. We are paying in lives
and hard income dollars for our President's folly. Suddenly S5.95 per hour families , and $8.25 per hour families are as conservative as families earning at least $100.00 per hour.
It is amazing how stupid we have ALL MORPHED into.
Since the 2000 elections, check out the American personality , we threaten terrorists OSAMA , SADDAM, NORTH KOREA even IRAN when we have to send our Kids to fight on our behalf
but when it is our turn to intiate some action, we are soft and weak, too posh , too conservative to say Boo.
So when our Heroes return home from the front line , with broken spirits and bones they are welcomed by weaklings who did not stand and defend the standard of living left behind

C'mon America get your thumb out of your mouth...... Your silence is deafening....

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