Friday, September 30, 2005

William Bennett made the wolf call to the Trailer park...

In the Board room down in the Dungeon of the Republican Radio Broadcasters producers weekly meeting,a decision was made ; to reassert the confidence of the republican faithful, following the national and international exposure and embarrassment the President got, for his open racial response, to the devastation in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

As a result of that meeting, William Bennett decided he has no fear , nor love for America, so he would fire up the trailer park, to reignite the Red states, some excitement on behalf of the sagging approval rating of their beloved President Bush.

Since racism is the main pillar of American Republican conservatives , the clarion call had to be racial. Now other Rebulican conservatives talk show devils have also made racial attention calls, since the Katrina hate crime in New Orleans. The oxy maniac radio host from Philly, Rush Limbauch, made his wolf call to the hateful, he called the New Orleans Ray (Neggar ) instead of nagin.

All the pretensive values that was projected to middle class America ,as Red States values of the Right, turned out to be the values of Thieves, Criminals, Liars,Traitors, Power abusers, law breakers, warmongers and racial fascists in the Republican party.
Ashamed for associating themselves with these decadent devils from the bowels of hell, Real America, is distancing themselves from these creatures of the black lagoon, the cesspit of american humankind. Their approval is sunk faster than the Titantic on a hurricane night.

That creature , William Bennett, was the education Secretary in the Administration of the RED DEVILS , patron, President Ronald Reagan. These are the people that are responsible for the bastardisation of the Great American Education system. Where knowledge, was removed from the curriculum ,so as to produce the sex offenders, serial killers and ruthless murderers that emergeed all over America .

To stop this wanton destruction of America, by the Republican conservatives, AMERICA ,you are the only people, to save yourself. THOSE OF YOU WHO STAND TO LOSE MORE, FROM THE INTERNAL DECAY AND DESTRUCTION, OF OUR COUNTRY, ARE THE ONLY ONES LEFT TO SAVE THIS ONCE BRILLANTLY GREAT CIVILISATION.

It is your time , honorable and honest , America ,to shine, get up, stand up . Or Without your flow and glow ....... That's it....... the END . knew it.....

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Lisa said...

I'm curious as to what prompted this level of anger at the President, Bill Bennett and the Republicans. I don't see how you can prove your charge that Reagan and Bennett directly were responsible for sex offenders, serial killers, and ruthless murderers. That sounds like something you could only read over at Daily Kos.

Anyway, I commented on excerpts from this post on my own blog here. Feel free to comment on what I wrote.