Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Don't use your guilty sword on Nagin.......

It's shameless , the level Americans, who were once a highly admired people for our wisdom and seeming fairness, has now sunk to the bottom of the barrell with all the scum and sludge.
Tuesday September 19th ,2005 , clearly signals the diseases we are dying from. Callous opportunism and disregard for kindness.

Miles O'Brien , of CNN, who I love and respect for his journalism and attention to detail. SHOWED HIS DEVILISH REPUBLICAN side on Tuesday 09/19/05. With nose flaring , eyes glaring, and his horns popping, Mr OBrien the morning anchor, tried to rip and snarl the Mayor Of New Orleans , for issuing a call for residents of semingly safe areas to return to homes and review the state of their property, so they may begin at least a preliminary assessment of their future.

So some agreed and some disagreed with this , no big thing, you will hope since every one is trying to find a common place to start the rebuilding process in New Orleans. In the light of Hurricane Rita , Mayor Nagin had to obviously to change the call, and ask those who made it home to leave again. Does that this situation make him a bad leader..Not in my book . That's a sensible leader.

The issue became a national disgrace, when the CNN reporters seem to want to make up for exposing PRESIDENT BUSH inept leadership and international embarrassment, by drilling the Mayor, in an unfair manner, totally unwarranted .
It is plain to see that this attack on the Mayor was meant to appease the REPUBLICANS and an attempt to soften the spot light on bad leadership from the white house. The prolonged seemingly coordinated attack was carried on by the next CNN reporter to follow , Ms. Castello, who had a man and his wife contradicting each other about the efforts of the Mayor to help families re-enter safe areas to review their damaged property. The wife changed her support for the Mayor when she realised her husband changed his mood based on the prompted angle of the questioning ofMs. Castello.

Whatever padded buzz words Ms Castello used the husband caught on and tore into Mr. Nagin.

It reminded me of those movies that depicted court scenes of padded justice, where a mob lynching was about to get approval. Miles OBrien and Ms. Castello took the new orleans mayor out for a good southern Hanging on tuesday 09/19/05
The poor and the undignified cannot get a prolonged success over the the rich and wealthy..... but they will die trying........ Nice job, Miles....signed Karl kove.

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