Sunday, September 25, 2005


We have been promoted and touted as the richest nation on the planet. Forbes magazine has headlined and listed who are our big money earners. It has been recorded that we have a population of over 300 million and there exist 400 Billionaires within our national borders.

Nowhere in our psyche were we encouraged to think poverty, was rolled under the rock or the rug. The war President, as George Bush likes to describes himself, eliminated or minimised federal support for middle class , lower class and ordinary people . Even the elderly and the sick have fared no better. The folks that worked their Asses off to build this country , over the last seventy years, have had to scrape and scratch to stay alive because the Republican Administration,sickeningly ignored them in their budget plans.

Katrina devastation of the Gulf Coast, apart from exposing the little known callousness of the President of the UNITED STATES, forced our little known poverty into the spotlight. The hundred miles an hour winds blew off the cover hiding the poverty,that this administration encouraged with such policies as tax kickbacks for the ONE PER CENT super rich of the American population. Taxes that could have been used to bring comfort to working Americans, who not paid sufficiently to take care of their housing, education, kids and health care needs.

Besides refusing to help hard working Americans who are underpaid. The President and his callous administration, have been draining the national treasury dry to engage in a war that has provened to be unjustified and unnecessary. A war that the President shamessly fabricated the reasons to invade another peoples country.

Amid the roaring of the angry winds of Katrina and Rita another noise became audible about our American political and economic future. Apparently this so called money managing party of the CEO'S, have been borrowing money from China to foot their free spending spree. We are not sure how much money America owes China or how long it will take for America to pay back the One Billion chinese. But we know that China has, ever since the formation of the Peoples ' Republic of China, always opposed America bullying smaller nations and non white peoples.
Should China decide to cash in the mortgage on America, they have been given by the George Bush administration, before we are ready to pay , Will they ask for New York to be annexed to the Chinese in return for the money Dubya owes?.

In the final analysis we must admit that the Wall Street yuppies, were wrong , when they told us that a rich nation, need the party of the CEO'S to manage our nation's social , political and economical business. We now know that they will treat our people of lesser means, the way they treat their low income workers. This is the last time we must have a Republican President in the White House. From Richard Nixon thru Ronald Reagan to George Bushes, we have been an economic and social mess . Without racism as part of their message, THE CONSERVATIVES WILL NOT HAVE AN APPEAL TO POOR AMERICANS IN THE RED STATES.

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