Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Our Dear President Bush, just looked behind him, did not see anybody and was advised that its GOOD damage control politics to accept reluctantly responsibility for the slow response to a gigantic disaster in our country.

Do you think that President Abraham Lincoln wouild have waited this long after an embarassing historical moment, to look around and decide, well, ......oops there is'nt anybody one left in the room but me ..oh, its me that is in charge !

Thank you, President Bush for the Super Power Leadership... and for the example you have set for my 15 year old and ALL the future young leaders... Is there a resignation in the works.?
Yesterday you said that you don't think that RACE played a part in you failing to issue Presidential orders to provide immediate water to the sick and dying. Sir , you flew over the devastation from Crawford , Texas onto Washington D.C. your home and office. You had a panoramic view of homes submerged in water up to their roofs. You saw on CNN and other Networks , horribble tales of Americans in distress in New Orleans, and along the Gulf Coast and you went to sleep. You awoke the next morning, read your newspapers, watched the morming news from every city in America, and saw people dying from lack of water and went back to sleep that night.

Be honest, did the fact that mostly all the footage, showed black people in a major catastrophe take away the urgency of the situation, because you have seen so much mass suffering involving black people from Africa, that it did not phase you at ALL.????

I am stating without fear of contradiction , that you and your Administration had totally the opposite sentiment to what ALL non white poeple felt all over the world.
The non white and black people ( from all over the world ) saw their brethen in distress, and they all knew , or expected, the response, they feared the most, those folks will not be treated as RED blooded Americans.

The sad thing about this episode, is how much white folks in America are in DENIAL. They have seen police brutality on black youths, they have seen the KKK killed and maim women and children churches. They have seen middle class , middle aged men and women, hunderds of them held back by National Guards hurling abuse at Americas 5 and 8 year olds, on their way to the school of their choice. You have men and women who were part of that hatred within the various levels of the Republican Party , in Congress, in various levels of the Bush Administration. Yet they stunningly, behave as if they came to the USA months ago from MARS , with no knowledge, of the hatred of Americans towards other Americans.

This is the background , every non white and black person on this planet assessed the situation, as it unfolded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. A recent poll done by USA Today and Gallop Poll found that 9 out of 10 white folks do not believe RACE is one of the reasons the federal government failed to come quickly to the rescue of victims in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Polls taken of white folks, after the brutal police attack on an African immigrant in a New York police station, did not believe that race had anything to do with it. White folks do not generally make a statement of protest when an action of criminal intent is taken against a non white or black person by State or Federal officials. So it is not surprising to see and read these poll results.

It is very important to note that there are thousands maybe millions of WHITE FOLKS playing a TREMENDOUS role in comforting and supporting the victims of the Hurricane ALL over the USA. These are the Americans together with the other ethnic groups, with their love of humanity, that are protecting America from the wrath of bad luck.

People are products of their environment, ask Doctor Phil. Some white folks, still have not gotten the memo. They expect ALL black folks and non white people to see and react as they do , after over a hundred years of various kinds racial abuse. Doctor Phil has proven dozens of times that people are fashioned by the scenario that surround their lives. Even so, not every abused person or groups of human beings, will show even and level reaction to things around them.

It is an accepted fact that a society like ours is uneven in its distribution of resources and wealth. So poverty is expected as much as we expect, millionaires and billionaires. There is great poverty in THE RED STATES , where people are living in horrible conditions selling their blood to earn a living in the trailer parks and mobile home communities.. These people are white people, hispanic people , black people and all kinds victims of an uneven society. So BIG MOUTHS , with empty brains, like SIR CHARLES BARKLEY, who think it is cool to beat down poor people for being poor. It is sad to be poor , it is mentally exhausting to be poor , in fact POVERT IS A CRIME that conservative politicians and their parties perpetuate as a mission statement.


The Phoenix said...

Your argument is pretty unbalanced and one-sided. How about those white people who were beaten by groups of blacks at the Dome in New Orleans? Or the footage of black people beating the white cameraman? Or how about the scores of black-on-black crime, like the 2 year old that was molested and killed in the Dome?
There is no excuse for such animalistic behavior...being poor is NO excuse at all. I grew up poor myself, and we never acted in such a way. I know many poor people that have never done these things - like take the FEMA debit card and go buy Louis Vitton bags instead of feeding their children. Or here in St. Louis, several of the youngersters have taken their federal aid money and bought $175 Jordans with their money.
Stupid people are stupid people - no matter how much or how little money they have. Stupidity and ignorance is not exclusive to any one race, class, or income.

Shane said...

Not only would Abraham Lincoln have waited that long . . . he did. Only when the North was experiencing the devastation of the draft did he beat the freedom drum.

Why does it take a disaster to make people mad about social injustices? Strike it up to human nature. If the problem can't be solved, blame someone (new age comfort eating).

AMLICAR said...

Hi Shane,
More than anything President Abe did not want to destroy the Union, so timing to gain the maximum public support, was a major tactic.
My point about Pres.Abe, was that he would have reacted promptly, given all the visual info. President Bush , had at his disposal. But because he had a different mindset about the American people and the importance
of leadrship, in National disaster.

"Why does it take a disaster to make people mad about social injustices." You asked?
Beause social injustices are normally aimed at minorities, they do not have the resources to make the situation well known or appear on national TV, unless a major catastrophe occurs. It is not human nature that creates injustices, as such , but humans' class nature ( their backgroud or aspirations to be identified with a social class) they historically take from the meek and weak and make themselves fat, while "trickling down" resources at a snail pace,and in small portions to the lower and middle folks on the food chain .
The result is POVERTY and all its by products.