Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Without a doubt our President's reaction to the devastation of the Gulf Coast particularly, NEW ORLEANS was motivated by the low class and the ethnicity of people that were affected.

We know that rich folks have no tolerance or appreciation for anything below their class level. But when the Matriarch of the Bush Family , Barbara Bush , acknowledges the family's position on the evacuees you know that's the Republican Convention's party line.
I am convinced that there was only going to be ONE response and ONE response only from the Bush Administration, that's the one, we saw on the first week of September 2005.
How heartless and cold can a human being get; if the best comforting words for human beings ,who have gone thru a horrific experience of losing everything but their dignity and their sanity, will be, they ( the black evacuees) are alright where they are now , because they ( the black evacuees) are underpriviledged and poor.
It is this southern view of non white people that makes the Republican Party attractive to the residents of the RED states. It is this view that will influence bigotted FOX NEWS commentators to look at the images on TV , of human and property devastation and make out the outline of a black youth hauling out a plasma TV from a water soaked store. Knowing fully well that the kid had no where to place the equipment, since he had no home. This scene is repeated and rerun as a guide and encouragement to a nation's response to a historic tragedy.
Can we imagine the response of the Rich folks and supporters of the Republican party,would have been, had there been immigrants in large quatities among those residents on the Gulf Coasts States. The United Nations would have had to declare War on the USA for them to get attention and humanitarian care.
Beware of Bad Karma
In the world of metaphysics KARMA is good; BLIGHT (bad karma) is bad. Many people and countries invest in KARMA , as it helps bring good fortune and general goodwill .
America we need a KARMA check. we need to place Our President , his Administration, and his Party under one of the two catergories.
Many civilizations slowly declined because they invested in so much bad Karma. The treatment and response to the victims of Katrina, to my mind , is an investment in bad Karma.


Pliny said...

She said they are better off where they are now for a number of reasons - one of which is that their homes happen to be UNDERWATER (that racist bitch).

You show no use of logic in yuor blog Just one bumper sticker thought after another.

Pliny said...

The bitch comment was meant to be sarcasm. BTW, very well written response to my post - I am impressed.

Mostly rubbish, but nicely written.

gail said...

Great Post!! I agree with you 1,000% Keep Blogging the Truth!

Brock said...

Race had nothing to do with it. Don't lower yourself to Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson's level.

Thomas said...

I agree, race has nothing to do with it. Like how you keep your blog contraversial though. Keep up the good work and opinions. Also fix the edit me links on the side of your blog.