Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Once while in the Caribbean, I boarded a Taxi, that took on four other passengers. while we were a bit cramped, no one was complaining. The driver ignited the ignition once but nothing happened. So we, all five of us , collectively thought no problem, it is going to fire upat the next key twist. But nothing happened but the ringing of the engine , waiting for a surge of energy to start the engine.

This went on five or six times, nothing happened. The driver made no attempt to get out and check under the hood. He remained trying , mumbling something under his breathe. For a brief moment there was a tense silence as if we were waiting for a cue to bail out of the taxi. Suddenly the passenger occupying the right back seat opened the door in disgust and alighted the vehicleslamming the door mumbling something , quite inaudile.

At that point , I am sure the others passengers thought , maybe they should do the same , but no one moved. This lull , provided the Driver with the opportunity to twist the key in the ignition another time .This time there was the varoom of an excited car engine. The driver swung out from his queue and we were off. The driver anticipating the question on his passengers mind , as to why did'nt the car start before or why did it start after the passenger immediately left the car . Before anyone uttered a word , he said, "some people are just blight, yes , things just go wrong when they are around". In other words , the driver believed the passenger that got out , was jinx, who attracted bad omens.
This approach is definitely unscientific, and does not belong in any problem solving manual. But religion has used it for centuries with much success, so I suspect it has its credibility in tack. In the Lil' Abner comic strip, there was a character called Joe Bliztl ( something to that effect), who walked around with a dark cloud , flashing lightining bolts, hanging over him where ever he went.
I am suggesting that President Bush qualifies as our "Joe Bliztl". Ever since the Republicans assisted Bush to steal the election from Al Gore, misfortune has followed bad Luck in America continously. Today taking aim at Florida, the very scene of the crime in 2000,where the mandinga, the voodoo , the obeah,the misappropiation of the election, took place, A bad Hurricane woman called Wilma ,with furious anger , wants to attack and hurt us, here in Florida again. I guess the message we we should get is; crime does not pay, or do not support the multitude to do evil.
oday we saw Saddam on trial
by a USA sponsored Iraqi officials ,no doubt as if on cue incompetence was evident all day. The Iraqi people should not have at a moment like this time in their history, have to be distracted by placing in Iraq, Saddam Hussein on Trial.
This in the circumstances should be handled by the International Court. Why isn't the United Nations overseeing adjudication of Saddam's crimes against humanity. Oh, Oh, I forgot the United States do not deal with the United Nations , or in fact the White House is now where international matters are decided.

What did Saddam Hussein do ?, a customer asked , while watching the charade on CNN.
My response was that he cussed out George Bush's Father so we invaded Iraq. His response was , yeah? it's the same reason why they want to kill Fidel Castro. My explanation for our President invading Iraq is more believable that the one he gave to the US congress and the world. Everyday there is another example of what a political mess we have put ourselves in , by having these crazy republicans in political leadership.

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