Wednesday, November 02, 2005


The thoughts and ideas that has guided the George Bush Administration,were formulated in the mid-ninties. The main intention was to make the USA and the Middle and Lower classes , subjects of the American Ruling Upper class. Very similar to a Feudal society where the King , his Family and his Court made the rest of the people follow their minority dictates, obey their constitution and paid them taxes to enhance their wealth whilst reducing social benefits.

The planners of this new Republican social aggression, saw International Land grabbing as a main facet of that plan. At home the rewriting or redefining of the Great American Constution was a major pillar in neutralising the progressive and democratic peoples and their organisation. The actions necessary, to carry out such a devious plan have had to be EVIL and defenitely at convenient times, unlawful .

The events of the last few months has exposed to those Americans that closed their ears and buried their heads in the laps of O' Reilly and Limbaugh to the true nature of the evil Beasts that resides in Washington.

Like a surreal movie, the rap sheet of evil began to unfold for the world to see. It began with the exposure of the misinformation and lies told by President Bush in his mischievous attempt to start the international grabbing plan by attacking Iraq. Iraq being the lest credible country that had international support because of the aggression of Saddam Hussein.
I suspect that other countries that would have been on the list , such as Cuba, Syria , Iran, and Libya. North Korea though mentioned was a bluff, but never seriously considered.

Since the exposure of the blatant lies by the President to the world, we have seen a parade of criminals and potential lawbreakers being brought up from the White House dungeon. The Vice President, Tom Delay, Karl Kove,Libby, etc, etc, even their planted journalists contacts were brought out like cockroaches, as the crimes of corruption and manipulation were uncovered in the white house.

The battle to affect change and redefine articles of the Great American Constitution ,. is led by the Anti - Christ religious Right wing. who are supporters of segregation , discrimination and general Slave Master treatment of human beings. Amidst this class struggle to keep America free from the overwhelming dictates, of the minority upper class, ROSA PARKS dies. Just as in life she influenced the destruction of the klu klux klan, Jim Crowism, segregation and State discrimnation. In death she has brought the cruelty of the Upper Class into focus.

Since the proclamation of the US CONSTITUTION there have been a few occasions that has allowed us to implement the articles of the constitution, in the spirit that it was written. One such occassion was the civil war, that was led to victory by President Abraham Lincoln. That victory not only defeated the early religious Right Wing Anti Christ Christians - and enemies of the US CONSTITUTION, but it enhanced the reputation ,credibilityand dignity of the document.

The other time that the constitution shown as beacon of divine light for America was when ROSA PARKS refusal to be unseated,which was in fact, a symbolical swipe with her sword of justice , freedom and opportunity ,bringing articles of the constitution to life.

Today the defeat of the Anti- christ Christians and the pro feudalistic neo conservatives cannot be done by the Democratic Party alone.
The Movements for the Maintenance of Progress and Democracy in the USA, should be brought together to intiate a cultural non violent revolution.It 's purpose, to purge our society of the throngs of backwardsness and the infestation of corruption within the halls of the peoples ' Administrations throughout ALL the states. We should mobilise the students, office workers, industrial workers, construction workers, MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS , office managers, (middle class and workers) in fact everybody that will benefit from a free and just USA. This movement should call for one adjustment to the US CONSTITUTION: That Political Corruption and manipulation of information to the American people should receive extremely severe punishment.

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