Friday, February 08, 2008


advertise on blogs

Telling a story via a blog has become a writers dream. Before blogging became popular, many writers had to just read other peoples printed stuff. Or just compile their thoughts in notebooks and mountains of filed written papers which are usually never seen by the worlds eyes.
Now people can read regular writers opinions and analysis. Many bloggers are just happy to say something thru their keyboard. All the good lectures by our English teachers, are finding a place to become relevant , now that the wide world is awaiting to hear what we, bloggers have to say.
The audience for bloggers' creative thoughts have segmented themselves into as many levels of people that go into a library seeking various outlooks. As a consequence the business world has taken notice, and advertisers are directing budgets, so that bloggers can get paid to blog. Which means fellow bloggers, you can join the world of blog advertising , promoting a product or service, using your developed talent to communicate thru the wide world.
An online company called Smorty creates a cordial online environment where you are quickly taught the methods to advertise on blogs. My first experience was a startling one , as I soon realised that I can actually get paid for blogging, something I love and spend a great deal of time doing.
Smorty online service connects the advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers are eager to pay bloggers to write opinion posts that link back to the advertisers websites. it is a great way to make some money . I suggest you try it, and enjoy the rewards.

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