Thursday, May 15, 2008


I am back after a long sabattical. I have been blogging on those political blog sites, such as HUFFINGTONPOST, and ABCNEWS .COM, expressing my views on the DNC contest to choose a nominee for President of the USA.

I have been even doing phone calls for the Hillary Campaign, in the states where she has won impressively. Although Hillary is NO revolutionary nor did she promise any deep or cosmetic change , I sensed that she was in a mindset that allowed her to enarmour herself against the misinformation and undermining that characterizes the McCain/ Republican Presidential campaign. In fact she was arming herself for future battles with Karl , George, Dick and the Republican party when she voted to give the President the option. The leading executives of MoveOn.Org were not wise enough to understand Hillary's calculated move. A decision I applauded.

The campaign of the messiah Barack Obama was orchestrated by MoveOn .Org with enormous talent and scientific strategy aimed mainly at undermining Hillary Clinton. As a member of MoveOn .Org, I disagreed with that approach because it has the potential to create many negatives things.

With such an enormous organisation, Moveon .Org while attracting hundreds of thousands of new politicos to the DNC , they basically came as an army of anti hillarists without being introduced to the principles of the democratic party. This in fact means that rather than create bridges for unity, they have inserted an antagonistic thread in the Party, that hopes to guide this country from the pershed positions of the White House and the Congress.

If the party and the leadership encourages its members to hate a leading member of the party for arbitary reasons to justify support for another DNC candidate, that is tragic and can only lead to disaster. Although Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has vowed to UNITE the party against the Republicans for the general election , this is going to be easier said than done.

The new cadres of DNC members brought in as a result of the contest, or as a result of young America wanting to re-create a new America that's united, but were ignited by hatred for a member , Hillary, who they were indoctrinated and told is an enemy.

Who is going to re-indoctrinate these youths and inform them that the internal DNC "hate party" is over, the anti Hillary hatemongering was just for show and to get Obama the nomination, and the real enemy is now John McCain and the Republican Party ?

The Chinese ruling party tried that same trick and it had disastrous consequences, with the over energized new youth cadres, turning their new found hatefulness into the Chinese" Cultural Revolution". Where in their blindness they used violence to resolve internal ideological and issues differnces.


The question will arise soon after the DNC nominee is decided , what kind of ruling party will the DNC be and how are they going to utilise the political energy of the new recruits?

Sometimes I get the distinct impression that the best lesson we have learnt over the last 8 years of George Bush presidency, is how to hate and find glowing and embllished words to justify the hatred.
The methods of KARL ROVE to undermine and discredit a person has formed a pattern by which to assess a person. Karl Rove first used this method on Bill Clinton while preparing the American voter to elect a Republican. It was Hillary Clinton that brought this evil system of hate to our attention. It was system of character assasinations that was used in the Party and in the media to discredit a wonderful woman called Hillary Clinton. How are we going to tame it ??

The best and only way to tame and re-direct that energy, is popularise the ideals, aspirations and principles of the DNC, let it be the guiding light that builds a strong organisation and ignites a dream for a new united America.


Faizal said...

Hi there, I am a kind of person who make some observation on US political situation. So, who will be the President, I think Obama will be.

Amlicar said...

Hey Faizal

I prefer Hillary to win the nomination, but will not be adverse to Barack winning the nomination. But he better be smart enough to choose Hillary as his Vice President.