Wednesday, September 29, 2010


THE SECRET WORLD OF CHRISTIAN MILITIA EXTREMISTS..and their racist encouragers.... ( see below **)

Over the last two days.....through much discussion and revelations , we have come to know that the KOCH CORPORATIONS , have been responsible for organising the formation of the TEABAGGERS.

It was Vice President Joe Biden, who raised the question of what do the leaders of the Tea Party , want America to look like in four years? What he also asked, is there a body of ideas, they present, that outlines a future path for our America ?

It then occured to me that I too have been hoodwinked by their potent , almost screenplay like directorship of what the frigg, they were saying. They always talk about what they dont social benefits for middle class Americans. Almost as if a light switched on, in a dark room , I began to understand the role of the Fleabaggers (Teabaggers).

When California Governor Arnold Shwarzenegger named the KOCH CORPORATION as being part of a political conspiracy to undermine.. the political will and aspirations of the American middle and working class.

He sited an issue of an attempted subversion of a law to bring green jobs into California....which is diametrically opposite to their Oil industry companies philosophy. To them it does not matter if smog kills your "ass", and turn your kids into asthma patients.....profits are their god...and people are their stepping stone, Governor Shwarzenegger said.

So there is evidence that the KOCH CORPORATIONS recognised that in order to seek their own interest , they had decided to get personally involved in politics... They decided to directly influence the Administation and implementation of politics and policies.

Normally we have lobbyists walking the Halls of Congress, threatening Congressmen with Big cash, or seeking to blackmail them, on personal domestic or civil information about our politicians .These they usually use to persuade our representatives to serve Big Corporations interests.. rather than the agenda of SERVING THEIR CONSTITUENTS....

But this time the Big Capitalists and Corporationists want to directly run our lives from their Boardrooms on Wallstreet.

Their first task in the implementation of this plan was to form a mobilization group. A group, whose task is to rally Americans against the recently elected Administration of President Obama.

It was in this context..that the Big Capitalist and Corporationists agreed to finance the formation of the TEABAG MOVEMENT..

We also remember that Sarah Palin suddenly dropped out, quit her day job as Governor of Alaska. We never had a sensible answer until now. She agreed to be paid by the KOCH CORPORATIONS to act as the leader of a " RALLY THE POOR THE WHITES MOVEMENT".. called the Teabag Movement.

So we clearly, now understand the strategy of unleashing a campaign to undermine the new President of the USA..attackinging his ethnicity....his name and scaring shaky Americans about his Birth place. We saw millions of dollars spent on angering folks, carrying signs with the most vile and insane messages ever seen on the streets and parks in America.

Now we know that it was money from the TEABAGGERS Sponsors that influenced this vicious attack on a USA President.

All along they knew, that Braack Obama was a legitimate and authenic American , but they had their Mascots rally Americans , exploiting their lack of knowledge and proper judgement , to serve their devious plans.

We know the role of Mascots in sports....They are paid to rally the Home Team support against the opponents..These Teabaggers , are political MASCOTS ....rallying low income families, mainly white Americans, in a frenzied uproar , against social benefits that WILL directly improve their social and economic lives.

THE TEABAGGERS, KOCH CORPORATION MASCOT, did an extremely good job for their Corporate financiers. Many Americans believed them because ..they have been taught, from child hood, to be insecure about their ethnicity and to HATE everyone that's not of their same race, especially AFRICAN AMERICANS.....

This began in 1864...when Big Farmers organised another Mascot oppose the rebuilding of the South, CALLED THE PERIOD OF RECONSTRUCTION, under the leadership of AFrican American FREDERICK DOUGLAS.

The Southern States were ravaged by the civil war and needed Federal support to help restructure the economy and infrastructure of the devastated towns and cities. But the Big Farmers , desire for political power, financed the creation of their , MASCOT RALLY GROUP CALLED ...the KKK., Who grew to become Americas, most notorious Terrorist Organisation. This was the environment that created ..JIM CROWE... the southern States...Apartheid Movement.

After, this November 02 2010,.....when the American people defeat, this renegade racist RIGHT WING movement THE TEABAGGERS. You are almost assured of seeing a movement towards violence by activists of this divisive of Big Corporations SPONSORED entity will be encouraged by defeated GOP Congressmen and women..... crazy TEABAGGERS..

*** TIME MAGAZINE. .dd Oct 04 .2010 is reporting a story about... THE SECRET WORLD OF MILITIA EXTREMISTS..claiming that, KKK type Christian terrorists are secretly planning a similar violent the KKK did during the period of RECONSTRUCTION..

Like President Obama likes to say...." Not this time...Not now...Not in this era".... This is "WE THE PEOPLE "... time......We cannot be intimidated.....We will not accept FEAR....neither from Muslim Extremists..or Christian Racialist Terrorists

In their delusional dreams, the Corporationists and their crazy MASCOTS were seeing VISIONS OF GRANDEUR AND THE FORMATION OF A MUSSOLINI TYPE RIGHT WING GOVERNMENT....... IN OUR COUNTRY..THE USA..

America's mission statement is help , the world's people defeat RIGHT WING MUSSOLINIS..... Although Republican Administrations over the years have supported these tyrants oppress their people.

However at home on US soil.......We will not have the KOCH BROTHERS and their Corporations become AMERICAS MUSSOLINI...... or even our HITLER..!! Super HELL NO..NO..NO !!...NEVER..!!

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