Friday, March 11, 2011


American State Governors are instituting a plan allowing Corporate America to take the Administration of Americas Social and Political lives. For Thirty years Americans have been told that peoples representation is a bad idea. It was said in the form of an attack on the concept Government......

Many Americans , jumped and applauded, the statement that the .."problem is Government"...infamously made by President Ronld Reagan. Middle class Americans , generally in our infantile ignorance, did NOT recognize that the accusation was aimed at the philosophy of ' Democratic Representation'.

That is the concept of ONE MAN ONE VOTE....The concept of , all eligible citizens having the RIGHT and OPPORTUNITY together with fellow citizens in choosing our elected officials to manage our social and political affairs. Affairs that we, as workers could not do individually for ourselves. such social services. As Teaching our children in environments that we , the people may agree on. Like providing social security , from criminal elements in high and low places and also making provision for those amongst us who can no longer work . There are two main tasks of the concept called "GOVERNMENT". to manage society, by providing all kinds of services, protected from BIG BUSINESS exploitation to everyone, while following a path , in accordance with the GREAT AMERICAN CONSTITUTION. provide a "buffer zone" between BIG BUSINESS (CORPORATIONS with their mighty Billions and influence) from riding ROUGH SHOD ( by subverting and away taking away Rights , Liberty, and Freedoms) over the middle and working classes, the vast majority of the American people.

Remember early post Colonial America..only allowed Americans with certain amounts of wealth to be able to choose and elect political representation for all the people. Driven by their desire to assume the power of the defeated and driven out Colonialist....Corporations funding the GOP are fashioning a plan....that undermines the US Constitution and gives legal power to place of our elected representatives. Even when we elected officials, we now know, they hand picked by CORPORATIONS to carry out their devious plans.

This in a nutshell is what SCOTT WALKER, Governor of Wisconsin, did by grabbing away the RIGHTS of Government workers, to legally discuss the terms of their employment , is ALL about.

Its part of a plan, a scheme, ..a kind of dismantle the Buffer, between Corporations and the people, which is really, the Peoples Management Services ( the Government)

Which has the ability and the legal Right, to represent them and protect their tax money, from access by the greedy Corporations, that's being collected by the GOVERNMENT TO MANAGE THE PEOPLES' SOCIAL AND POLITICAL AFFAIRS.

In such a situation, how do we protect the America , the US Constitution say we should have ??? Do we summon Abraham Lincoln , again, to guide us as he did, when the society was confronted by BIG FARMERS in 1860's ?? Or do we summon Martin Luther we did in the 1960's when we had to claim our CIVIL RIGHTS ..??

Whats the 21st century response..????

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