Tuesday, November 08, 2011


The worlds most notorious RIGHT WING dictator, Adolph Hitler is turning in his cold tomb. As Americans have defeated him once again. This time its his 21 st Century disciples, that represent his cruel and oppressive ideology. The KOCH BROS, DICK CHENEY, KARL ROVE, and THE TEATHUGLIKANS, were all defeated in their attempts to impose draconian social policies on middle and working class American men and women.

The TEATHUGS after having duped unsuspecting Americans in November 2010, and their refusal to support the President's plans to bring more Jobs to all States. But have embarked on a policy of attacking women's rights and their reproductive opportunities, and the Right of ALL Americans to collectively negotiate their wages , benefits and pensions. These policies are ALL FROM DIFFERING CHAPTERS OF THE FASCIST, RIGHT WING, ANTI DEMOCRATIC AND ANTI LIBERTY MANUAL OF SEGREGATIONIST , RACIST , RELIGIOUS EVANGELISTS OF THE BIBLE BELT.

SPECIAL CONGRATS TO ALL AMERICANS....THAT USED OUR DEMOCRATIC PROCESS....TO SAVE DEMOCRACY IN THE USA....All praise to PRESIDENT OBAMA for encouraging and perpetuating the American spirit of struggle to defeat backward ideologies ..like RIGHT WING EXPLOITATION....

The victory in Ohio , Mississippi , Maine and other Cities and States , is a shining beacon for Americans who want to put our country back on the road to prosperity.....after the cause and effects of RIGHT WING FASCIST leadership , that began in 2000. The situation would have been worse if we made the mistake of falling for the lies, again, .....of TEATHUGS AND REPUBLICANS. This time we did not succumb to tricks of FAUX NEWS and their paid saboteurs on the RIGHT WING TALK SHOWS...

Like the initial labor and Trade Union heroes used to sing....ONWARD EVER ..BACKWARD NEVER !!. Americans will be strong........( Beware we have not buried them yet..) !!

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