Saturday, January 31, 2009


Since 1876 when the rich white big farm owners corrupted their poor white farm workers, to join and establish a terrorist organization, called THE KLU KLUX KLAN (kkk), to terrorise and kill innocent black American civilians because they were organising to build a strong , united and prosperous USA.

The party of evil haters, and angry poor white folks now have a black man as their Chairman, M. Steele. The supporters of the Republican Party , whose base members chose to be attracted to SARAH PALIN , who promoted very skilfully, racism, now has to be surbordinate to a man , whose foreparents or family members, may have been killed or lynched by foreparents of today's Republican party ' most rabid , confederate flag wearing, poor rural members.

This is in an effort to get carried with wind of change, sweeping our American country. The question is will the Grand Old Party (GOP), change its philosphy , away from the Upper Class to the Middle and working Class? Its too late, they , the Republicans, have already been disarmed by President Obama.

The problem with Republicans and their philosophy is that its a step behind 21st century thinking, on almost every conceivable political and economic issue.
Remember when George Washington , Thomas Jefferson , Benjamin Franklyn were leading a PROGRESSIVE movement for change against a philosophy that said the minority control by the Royalists were backward and becoming useless as a means of Governance.

Similarly the Republican philisophy of minority Upper Class means of serving themselves first and last is a step behind the aspirations of the progressive population of America and the world.

The outdated anti people outlook is no longer attractive. The "we are white and them are black" call to the poor whites base, of rural America has lost its appeal, MR. Republican Buchanan. Americans in the main do not want to single out one group for punishment and ridicule . You maybe attacking a voters family, or a voters friend in law, or voters wife or husband , or voter's colleague.

So an anti -immigrant posture as a party will surely see you becoming a very small organization of hateful little white old men and pompous white women. With a black Chairman to keep you quiet. So get with program , join the program for change or get left way behind time and history.

Do you know how far behind the supporters of the colonialists and the King of England were on July 4th 1776. They were never heard of since. The Republicans are heading to join that extinct group , despite electing a black man to be their Chairman. It is not the color of his skin that will make a success, but its the quality of the ideas and philosophy in his head .

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