Friday, November 14, 2008


what do you think has happened now that Barack Obama, an African American, is simply the Presidenty of the United States of America. The progressive movement of the USA has won an opportunity to guide the world social movement to the next level of social existence.
Lets set the table for this argument.

For some yet to be explained, reason the capitalist free market financial system is breaking down . Experts claim that its a temporary malfunction that will heal itself. A sort of technological financial matrix. Their claim is , the system overextended its credit potential, thereby draining all monies and wealth, it harnessed from the middle and lower classes.

This means that all the profits generated by the labor of the United States workers were gulped by a few greedy men and women, of the US ruling class. This was facilitated by the 'FRIENDS OF THE RULING CLASS' in the past Bush Administration supported by the conservative and republican movement and their media spokesman Rush Limbaugh. Who religiously spreads bullshit misinformation as truths.

The members of Congress in the Senate and in the house openly supported this siphoning of Americas wealth into a few personal bank accounts. We are talking about trillions of Americans money has been stolen, using all kinds of evil practices
that was given in some cases lawful protection .

The fight to SAVE AMERICA has been moved from the streets and parks of the campaign to the Conference Rooms of the White House and the Chambers of Congress.
This fight is not a simple contradiction or conflict between between policy makers. It is the real battle between two world outlooks. One, representing the OLD , massa, the view of the slave master's great grand children, the anti worker business executive, the greedy and corrupt politician, way of treating and seeing peoples role in the American developmental process. The other,that represents, the hopes and aspirations of millions of Americans who do not want to see their and their family's living and working conditions deteriorate an inch further.

As we witness this open class warfare between remaining Republican members
of Congress and the Obama administration and representatives of Progress in Congress as the DNC members.
We the people who did not orchestrate or participate in the destruction of the empire's wealth, may have to take some action to protect our country from the overcast of evil left behind in Congress.

The success of this open class warfare will result, in either the American politics and economics of serving the wealthy exclusively, as former President George Bush and Dick Cheney did, as opposed to serving the middle and working class of America.

President Obama may have to get nasty before we see policies that will save America and our families, accepted.

The middle and working classes may have to find creative ways of supporting President Obama and outlasting the attempts by the Republican members of Congress to keep America heading for poverty, while exposing and threatening our National Security.

We have to begin, not 100 days from today, but immediately. Let us hold up the banner of our campaign's battle cry.....YES WE CAN....YES WE HAVE TO... SUCCEED !!

Please note..this post began its creation before the November 4th election..and was completed 01/24/2009.
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