Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The GOP is a Mafia run Political Party.

Sarah Palin is just plainly STUPID. But she is also a lot more than that. She is the anti intellectual candidate, in a country of thousands of Universities. In a country where teachers have to struggle to keep their classrooms focus on the future necessity of learning and speaking intelligently. We have seen the choice made by a potential President,for his Vice President candidate, a person who is mentally and intellectually ,a deep in the woods Alaskan Hillbillie.

There exist segments of the white population, farmers , farmers chargehands, farm cowboys, and farm handymen, who hate organised education and harbor some of the worst anti government sentiments that exist amongst the entire population of the USA. That anti - government sentiment is regularly orchestrated , managed and manipulated by racists in Congress and in the white house.

These village (small town) folks and farmers are weaned for about three or four generations on a steady diet of anti people, anti minority, anti brown and black people. So even when the racists in Congress and the White House take economic and political positions that also adversely affect these unfortunate and hardworking country folks, they unknowingly support these measures simply because the Republican 'mafia' party will drop a few pro-racist camouflage political words,
to signal a call for overwheming support.

Sarah Palin is planted alongside John McCain as a distraction from the economic shredding of these small- towns people lives, by the Republican Party's economic , political and social policies . Unable to eke out a meagre existence, the oft-discarded base of the GOP, prefer to rally to Sarah Palin as she represents the best of their anti -intellectualism outlook.

Governor Sarah Palin is nothing more than a village beauty contestant parading with high Life political millionaires who like to show off their "caribou barbie". This potential vice president of the USA cannot put together a coherent sentence that explains the role of of the Vice President in an administration. My seventeen year old daughter, who is working hard to graduate from high school , while completing an Associate degree course at Florida Tech, finds ridiculously appalling that Sarah Palin displays such a low educational level. As if an intellectual standard is not expected of a candidate for high political office. I agree with the call for Sarah to get the hell out here and go home!!!.


John MCain is listed as an American hero. He labels himself a 'Maverick'. Which means he is giving himself a clean canvas to paint himself as anything at any time. A sort of a master flip flopper with the need to justify his continuously changing positions.

Since he is a 'Maverick' operating outside the realm of conformity and reason, he went ahead and chose the worst female political candidate ever for vice president. Despite this known reckless approach to politics, no one was prepared for the mavericking of the presidential campaign using blatant dirty and dishonest mis-information on the trail.

The smear campaign against Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama, has run almost the full lenght of the English alphabet. The following the list of smears was spat out by a dishonorable man , who does not care to serve the majority of Americans but just to win, for the super rich in high places. Here they are:

B....Bill Ayers
C ...Celebrity
F...Free Spender
G...Good Man (not an Arab)
H...Hawaiian ( not one of us)
J... Just don't get it.
L Leftist / Liberal
N...Not one of us (nigger)*
O..Osama (Obama/Osama, same terrorist!)
T..."That one"/Terrorist
V..Voter fraud

Be prepared for the dropping of the term "nigger" or "negroh" on the campaign tril before November 4th.
In the remaining days of the campaign we expect McCain and Palin will fill out the remaining letters of the alphabet as they get more desperate, and pull out from their'crack' more insults. Meanwhile Palin has begun packing her bags for a return the wooded tundra with her Moose - like education.

The Republican party has become popular for its criminal voter fraud activities all over the country. This year with Barack Obama's leadership.The Democratic Party has uncovered many schemes used by the GOP, to deny voters their voice in choosing their President.

The Republican Party evidence is showing is nothing but a Mafia Party using trickery to gain political position and eternal social dominance at the expense of the American people.

Lets cast them into the Fire of Hell, for the pain they have caused to our country !!

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