Friday, October 10, 2008


A veteran soldier/military man, a person trained to defend the dignity of American values, a man competing for the highestand most influential position on earth has sought to destroy an American's character , by enraging the village racial vigilante groups in Republican strongholds.

Senator John McCain , a veteran soldier, and Senator has been using his position as Senator and Republican Candidate for President to blaspheme and target his opponent , Democratic Presidential Candidate, Baeack Obama, as an enemy of the USA.

Senator McCain and his demagogue , lipsticked pitbull Vice President candidate Sarah Palin, has been inciting the less educated of their support base, the segment of the lower income class, that breathes racial hatred, as normal analysis of all things non- white.

After the FBI and the secret service warned his Campaign of their incendiary remarks , that has the possiblity of facilitating violence , Senator McCain reluctantly told his mob squads the truth.

He said that he was lying about Senator Obama, and he really knows who is Barack Obama.
He stutteringly admitted that Obama is not an Arab, or a terrorist but a colleague, a citizen, an honourable family man who he is competing with for the position of President of the USA.

The Republican base supporters of uneducated and misinformed mob squad racial haters, have been encouraged to get ready to protect the country from terrorist sympathisers. Barack Obama has been fingered by the Republican candidates as terrorists sympathisers, while American troops are engaged in two wars in two cointries, against organised islamists terrorists.

These dishonest character assassinations by Senator McCain and Gorvenor Palin were taken very seriously by the Republican Party's mob squad of racial haters, and translated into open calls for violence towards Barack Obama , possibly his family, staff and supporters.

To quell any further development of the trend towards violence aimed at the Presidential Candidate Barack Obama

I am proposing that Senator McCain via live Television, nationally opologise to Senator Obama for inciting and influencing extremists individuals and groups to interpret his anti Barack Obama comments to mean you want him harmed.

Then he should withdraw his candidacy and that of his Vice President, a position and power abuser from the race for President of the USA.

veteran politican should not use his stature to seriously and knowingly create an atmosphere of mob rule and racial hatred that could easily result in violence given our history of violence against a non -white Americans. He has betrayed America's trust .

If there is ever any violence, god forbid, aimed at BARACK OBAMA by these mindless thugs male or female , belonging to the lunatic racists fringe, Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin should be held responsible by the law.

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