Monday, September 29, 2008


The ideology and philosophy of the Republican right wing, is based on the concept of individualism, selfishness, greed,and taking as much for yourself without concern for your neighbor, or the life and general existence of those at the lower levels of the production food chain.

The big enlightened reason you hear from the conservatives crawling along the ground in Washington, trying to escape unnoticed, as the slimy snakes, they are,for the US financial meltdown was a result of greed, corruption, selfishness and waste of our resources . Which is not anything new . This is decay of the American capitalist system has been eroding its foundation a little more everytime we elect a REPUBLICAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

This time with George Bush, the worst President in USA history at the helms, in the white house, the decay and erosion took a few pillars of our foundation out from under us.

At all levels of the society there is evidence of our country going backwards and the sickening right wing leaderships carrying with them the stench of a dying breed, stinking up the America and the world.

The religious militants and their ultra aggressive ways are becoming less of a threat to the world , than these Right Wing Republican Conservatives as they grab and suck up the financial resources of the world for themselves.

This catastrophe will only get worse, relegating the election of Barack Obama as President of the USA, to a second spot on World News.

To help the USA recover, we as a nation will have to seriously consider suspending from national politics, the Republican right wing conservatives and their Party, if we are going to successfully embark on the road to rebuild the USA, to national and international prominence.

If we are to develop the concept of pulling up America to the point where we can compete with the Chinese . We cannot have a destructive ideology as the one promoted by Dick Cheney, George Bush and John McCain misleading Americans again.

To many Americans who have never gained any collective success, from their governance, are today captured in their prison of fear and racial dependence, unable to free themselves from their oppressive domination.

We just have to do whats necessary to save our country for our people and our families.

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