Saturday, September 06, 2008



One of the many things we have recognised about John McCain, is that he is more CHAMELEON that a Maverick. The maverick sobriquet is more a like a card trick, that an illustrious label. The intention is to distract voters from focussing on the issues of their lives whilst following thearitical mystery of an old soldier.

In 1996 Bob Dole tried the same trick. Battle scarred soldier with a pretty wife, who prattles but could promise no new ideas for a progressive America. This time battle defective Chameleon with pretty wife , presents a spitfire Pitbull, with lipstick, dressed as a former beauty queen, named Sarah Palin.

When we look at our America today, do we need a pretty face bad Dog, with anti people sentiments, and disdain for their organisations to SAVE AMERICA? Or do we need a visionary, a progressive thinker, that wants to lift America from the ground up and direct it to the prosperous promise land?

Do we know where America is today? We are in a very dark and evil place,with almost every facet of once prosperous country , is sick and ailing, directed by the evil masters of Dick Cheney and George Bush and supported John "chameleon" McCain and his lipsticked pitbull.

The Republican Party and Right Wing white America will prefer to see America collapse into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans rather than see the American people embrace progressive ideas and hope for a bright future. Their National Convention, their political advertisements, their speeches, their social and political analysis and their political personnel nominations are all fashioned to lie to the American people, to deceive the American people, outsmart the American people, to dismantle the resolve of the American people, to demobilise them and humiliate them into becoming enslaved by their wealth and power.

History has taught us that major super powers rise and falls. Each of those ancient super powers died because of the internal decay and backwardness of ruling classes. Their rulers, like ours grabbed , stole and abused the country's wealth way beyond its capabalities. They also overextended their war machineries. Thereby suffering massive economic losses together with stagnant thinking they all descended into oblivion.

The Republican party and their cohorts in Right Wing white America , supported by by the minority super wealthy class, who still believe that the masses of America can sustain their lives and standard of living with scrubs from their tables. Leaving not enough for our medical bills , higher eduacation or mortagage payments and groceries.But they don't care. Their concern is maintaining their elite position in our society. like kings and queens in the feudal society. They see war as a mission of plunder, to be run by their mercenary 'blood' contractors. The end result is a similar pattern, stagnant thinking, overabuse and overuse of economic and military resources and decline of standards of living to the middle and lower classes.

At this rate if, We , the American people, allow them to continue to disfigure the White House , by the year 2015, we will become a Third world big country. A country with no moral or spiritual energy left. we will easily become targets for anti American extremists seeking revenge from our glory days, when we invaded their countries and killed their women and children.

We cannot allow evil to continue to reside in the White House or for new evil tenants to move in. A progressive leader will provide efficient leadership that will enable America to live longer than the ancient super powers. A Right Wing America will continue to lead us down hill as we are going today.

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