Friday, September 26, 2008


At this moment 4 hours before the First debate of the 2008 Presidential Elections, John McCain wants to quit the race and is advised not to.
He has also contemplated changing his Vice President nominee from the "lipsticked pitbull" Palin to Joseph Lieberman , before the Vice President debate next week.

As a political watcher and scientific political analyst, I am seeing the campaign of the GOP candidate , that is losing its leader, through attrition and the weight of overbearing stupidity fuelled by backward right wing ideological politics.

It's clear from evidence of his decision making, his attitude on the issues and his generally weird behavior that John McCain finds himself in the same position Joe Frazier was in the14th round of his last Title Fight, in Manilla, against Muhammad Ali. The fight was a great bout but Frazier fell back and was being hammered with no chance of defeating the Ali in the remaining rounds. He took the only way available to quit in the 14 th round.

Similarly John McCain has been beaten down by the DNC Presidential candidate Barack Obama.
He has been erratic in his judgements and positions taken on detrimental issues paramount the SAVING OF AMERICA.His wild and reckless decision to choose a Vice President , no smarter than Anna Nicole Smith..even as a deceased celebrity. His erratic decision to suspend his campaign and try to evade open discussion, with his Presidential opponent and claim success for the resolution of the financial crisis.

That attempt of an election coup failed. Therefore he is a weak candidate with a string of failures immediately behind him. Showing the same unintelligent mindlessnes we have experienced during George Bush Presidency.. Wow !! what crap we Americans have been submerged in , with the world looking on unblinkingly.

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