Friday, September 12, 2008


Every American Right Wing Republican Government in my lifetime has been a failure for us Americans. From Richard Nixon thru Ronald Reagan and the Bushes we have seen the social and economic dismantling of the promise of the America we love.

Even the era Ronald Reagan that was pimped as a prosperous period by republican right wing revisionist is no longer a worthy lie to confuse middle and working class Americans.

The feudalists, monarchists kingdom rulers view that the people of a nation are mere fodder to be used for their social and economic benefit is playing out itself in the theatre of American Presidential election. The American Right Wing Republicans ruling class just want to keep their big feet on the necks of hard working Americans.

Using the shameless and hypocritical method of watching the Americans in their eyes and balantly lying, McCain and lipsticked pit bull Palin could'nt care less if they are exposed.

Taking a page from the worst American President George W. Bush book of telling lies to America. John and Sarah are willing to throw the honor of American history built up since 1797, in an effort to maintain Right Wing Republican domination, suppression, and oppression of the continued dream of a prosperous and a successfully strong America.

We must all pitch in to make our determination count to ensure that LIARS ARE NOT OCCUPYING THE WHITE HOUSE EVER AGAIN...

We should work with small towns America to help them see a properous America and not fall back into racial and prejudice discriminatory politics. Tell them it makes America poorer and we could do better. Register all to vote and bring them vote on November 4th 2008.

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