Tuesday, September 23, 2008



Amongst the turmoil of the implosion reverberating through the financial markets and world politics, there were two crashing sounds . The first, was the sound of decades of conservative right wing ideology collapsing. The second, was the explosion of the myth that white Americans were a superior human brand with wisdom.

With Americans recognising that our economic and financial system were riddled with decadence that came crashing around our legs. We heard another rusted clang, and shameful exposure to the corruptness of the American super power brand. It was brought to our attention, for the whole universe to witness, that white Americans, by just under 50% hated African Americans and non white people with an unjustified and insane passion so much that they can't do the one act to save America in 2008 and vote BARACK OBAMA Because he is not white.

This is backwardness is happening while more and more Americans of the middle and working class falling into the pit of poverty. For almost the duration of the George Bush Admiration, we heard that the shrinking of the American economy was mainly due, to 'illegal immigration'....'.the border was to open'.....'lets kill the mexicans..they are taking our jobs'. The Department of Homeland Security boasted of sending home ,back to their countries over 4 million immigrants. Suddenly the housing market began to crash. The truth is the immigrants took their money and invested it outside America. The immigrants stopped purchasing homes in America and bought them outside of America. How much money America lost ...we don't yet because its embarrassing.

The fools of the right wing conservatives party, forever working over the lunatic racist fringe, have kept them off balance with anti immigration bull nonsense while they drained the national treasury from the White House and from Wall Street supported by the traitors in the Republican congress. So we lost also from these crooks on wall street and in the white house allowed our jobs to go overseas and they got paid for doing it. If you want to be racist...these acts against the American middle and working class was done by......yes!!! white men.

Many small towns and cities in Indiana , Pennsylvania, Ohio are resembling third world villages and western ghost towns , yet the inhabitants mostly acclaim...despite the overwhelming evidence that he was an architect and supporter of America's demise...they say shamelessly, they will vote McCain..because he is white. What racists idiots.... Americas millstones.

Despite the obvious dimming of the American social brand internationally and the dire need to SAVE AMERICA from falling behind progressive and productive countries, we have white Americans about one in four , upholding the worst anti American principle of discrimination, maintained in America on the basis of race.

This revelation of the extent of white hate is shameful and embarrassing , coming from amongst the dumbest section of the American population. Mostly poor or working class white folks with meagre existence and exploited by big rich and well off America. These people want to see America fall into the dust of history.

Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King saved their Asses from extinction, when they fought to uphold the constitution, now they are hating and hoping BARACK OBAMA saves America and drags them along for the undeserved benefits.

This time when we save America we are banishing these embarrassing hatemongers to Nazi country where they can link up and rest with Adolph Hitler and the millstones Confederate Generals.
We Americans nurtured and schooled by the Great American Constitution are not going to allow JOHN Mc CAIN , THE LIPSSTICKED PIGGY, THAT LIES, SARAH PALIN and to hold US back any further
This 21st Century America, with our computers and space age technology, together with our bright population are moving up and away from Right Wing Republican repetitious and continous destruction of the promised dream for our families and children.

As the religious preacher man would say, while casting out evil ..begone you evil people and your leaders....This is our time for a new outlook and approach..with better results than before.

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