Friday, September 19, 2008


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Capitalism has gone mad.

The system of capitalism is in meltdown. The capitalist system has poisoned itself with its own food. This is further proof that the custodian of the capitalist system, the wealthy and super wealthy has lost their ability to comprehend and manage their decadent financial system of legally ripping off working people all over the world.

Intelligent forecasters were telling us unbelievers at the election of President Ronald Reagan, were shepherding in an era of feudalistic type management, of the American capitalist system.
This brand of extreme ruling class financial control of Americans standard of living, was labelled REAGONOMICS.

The philosophy,written hell, advocated that the wealthy and super wealthy siphoned all the country's wealth into the tanks of the upper class, only allowing some spillage to "trickle down" to the middle and working classes. Therein was born the 'trickle down' Reaganomics. The birth of the forthcoming American economic disaster.

President Bill Clinton almost singlehandedly tried to roll back and impede this impending disaster for the American Empire. His stewardship in the white house brought some real gains economically , but he was always under sniper fire to keep him from going further. His wife, Hillary Clinton, was the first to identify the source and reason for the guerilla warfare waged against his Presidency. She was correct in pointing a finger at the obsessive Right Wing conservatives of the Republican Party.

Today eight years after this most dangerous group, ever to have access to the reigns of the American political and economical "Power Central". We are witnessing the results of massive exploitation and abuse they dreamed of, since RONALD REAGAN gave them encouragement to have unbridled access to the profits of American workers, while deliberately only allowing the dreggs to dribble down to the remaining levels of the American society.

But this carnverous group of blood sucking upper class anti Americans are still thirsty for more blood . John McCain and his dopey Vice President candidate, Sarah Palin are making a play to continue undermining the foundation of the American Empire.
We can remember when as a leading Country, in the World, a super power, we paraded the best we had to offer,in human and material resoources. Today we are presenting to to the highest national positions sub standard educated people with below average intelligence.

Do you want mor evidence that the American brand is tarnished and internationally unattractive.

The hope for America, though limited, rest with the progressives in the American Democratic Movement led by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, although she is not on the Presidential Ticket.


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