Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is the kind of weakling Democratic Congress we can expect under Barack 's Presidency.The pseudo change Barack has been marketing as his brand of politics is similar to the marketing brand of McDonald's who presented us chicken...fried tasty chicken that was not good for our health.

The Democratic Congressmen and Nancy Pelosi, do NOT want any candidate THAT WILL MAKE ANY CHANGE THAT WILL NOT SERVE THEIR PERSONAL INTEREST. That's why they and Nancy opposed Hillary with so much hate and aggressiveness.

Now they are forcing Barack to choose Sam a vice president nominee. Think about the process that will lead someone to suggest an 'agent against change' , as Sam Nunn. They are willing to scrape the barrell ..rather than do the correct thing ..and choose Hillary Clinton as the vice President to support Barack Obama for the Presidency.

The black man always has to take orders ..from a massa..or a Madame. If Barack had to make the decision..he would have announced Hillary at this time. But Nancy and the sellouts have other plans.They have seized the American Youths, and Middle Class primary voters revolution.Without Hillary as Vice President..expect more embarrassing democratic congressmen and Nancy Pelosi the next four years.

When Bob Johnson wanted to form BET he had an original idea to establish a channel to a specific audience. If Nancy Pelosi had her way, and were involved, she would have discouraged Mr. Johnson from taking that progressive approach. Just as she is doing with Barack Obama, pushing him in a particular direction away from the people.

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