Saturday, June 07, 2008


Hi Howard,

Congratulation on our Party having a good time wooing the Nation and the World with the 'mother of all DNC nomination contests' . However Howard almost blew it with MoveOn.Org sexism attack on this great American lady, Hillary Clinton.

You found out in an almost embarrassing manner that Hillary is an astute Progressive Politician. You made the fatal mistake of doubting where Hillary heart lies. You were foolishly mislead into believing that her "vote" was an act of betrayal, rather than see it as a tactical maneuvre, to outwit the Republicans anticipated sexist attack on her run to win back the White House for the DNC, and for America's middle and working classes.

Because of your mistaken belief, which I view as an act of betrayal, you failed her as a woman vying to break the acceptable but contemptible , anti womanism that exist at the higher levels of society, particularly amongst upper class whites and conservatives.

Now let me see you redeem yourself , Mr. Howard, by doing the right thing , influencing the Barack Obama's campaign to launch an apology, that admits . the anti sexism, anti Hillaryism was a mistake, just like the original denial of delegates for Michician and Florida was. I am suggesting that MoveOn .Org, with your prodding, has to mount a " I AM SORRY HILLARY" campaign for all the negative bullshit they wrote in all the political blogsphere about this magnificent person.

As you well know, many new progressive activists enrolled to help take America to the next level , economically , politically and socially, have being brainwashed into believing that Hillary Clinton is a weak and opportunistic woman they should hate. Neither you nor Obama told them , the truth, that this was a contest not a war.

You both exploited her gender and her steadfastness , as the wrong factors and features for a woman to have. Every blog writer that attacked Hillary did so with your blessing and support. Fortunately 18 million Americans, did NOT agree with your defintion, and voted for her overwhelmingly.

Obama and Moveon .Org.MoveOn.Org has already written me asking to organise a political group parties to build momentum for November . But I am not budging until Barack announces his VP, It cannot be anyone else but Hillary.

In order to heal the wounds , I am suggesting,you, and Moveon Org MUST find a way to say you were mistaken, about the way you ENCOURAGED new followers to abuse Hillary Clinton. I do find, very disturbing the fact that the Republican propaganda, against Hillary has had a reactionary effect on the Guys and Dolls in the DNC. On the on the other hand, Hillary organised her thoughts and outlook to defeat them at every turn, whilst the DNC untilised an underground group to seek and undermine her.

But despite your and MoveOn Org's , echoing Republican's of the fear of Hillary, she fought back and won over America. An America ,who also, for a time, believed that..the Republicans labeling of her as a "polarizer"..and " divider" were correct. They have come to see that the DNC without Hillary and ONLY Barack Obama IS NOT a winning ticket.

I must sanely add that is appeal is NOT a condemnation of the potential of Barack Obama to be a historically magnificent President. But according to a wise man...'correct is right" you must do the correct thing and heal the wounds.

In the coming of the new era of change in the political attitude and dispensation you have to contribute visibly, to the healing of Hillary's supporters wounds, my wounds and of course Hillary's wounds as well.

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