Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Letter sent to Hillary Clinton at her request:

Praise him and accept VP post.

Congrats on a fabulous campaign. You made my mother and wife proud, that you stood and yielded no ground but fought openly to bring into America's focus, the plight of the Middle and Working classes , "the salt of the American earth", from the around the country unto the center stage.

I also want to congratulate you, Hillary, on your speech in New York summing up the long journey of your campaign to win the hearts and minds of doubting America. There were those who doubted your resolve; those who tried to present you as a divider, NOT a uniter and gracious American Leader.There are those who felt you were the "gas' that will ignite and incite the Republican party faithful if you set foot into campaign and showed any success. You proved them wrong.

You leadership and strategic management showed them that they do not have a clue about politics and more so American politics.
In the end it was also good that you gave Pres. Bush the option to use or not to use force in Iraq.Because not one Republican was able to throw the argument that "women" are soft on National Security, you eliminated that from consideration.


The duncey- headed TV commentators while they are applauding Obama as an agent of change , did not realise that they THEMSELVES have been left behind in understanding the high level of strategy and tactics employed by you and Barack in winning over the vast majority of the American people to the Democratic Party in search of a better America.

If you had cowardly thrown in the "white Towel" the same journalist , who wanted you bow out would have discarded you and your campaign accomplishments and disrespected you as a has- been. But you are so "damn" smart you let them squirm a little, while staying in charge, as a great leader has to do , "one step ahead".

I think you should suggest to Barack, that although the rules does not state that the DNC runner-up should be asked to be the Vice President. However in the circumstances and as your friend and party colleague you will welcome an opportunity and be honored, to serve with him as Vice President to the first black man to soon become President of the USA.

Then you should immediately iron out two major differences:
1...That all Americans are entitled to have coverage under a Universal Health Care Plan...
2. That he and he alone will make the final decisions on establishing direct contact with Leaders and Governments with whom we have strained and worrisome relations.
So that there is no doubt about conflicting Foreign Relations strategies. "You should say , to all willing to listen, although I am opposed to the strategy, if my President says that I am chosen to lead such a delegation..I will serve my President and country honorably."

A Personal Request

I however want to ask that you seek to do two things quickly..and unambiguously.

Immigrants, who are children of citizens of every class, that are awaiting approval of any kind, should be granted or upgraded to immediate temporary Permanent Resident Status. So America can have access to all its citizens including those very desirous , of working and living here and have been waiting a lenghty time for some normalisation of their lives in America. If we are going to ask for all men and women to "bring all hands on deck" as we build another quality level of American society, we should make all hands available to participate.

Secondly, that the economic embargo over Cuba be unconditionally removed totally or reduced considerably.This reduction should be done with the intent of eliminating the yoke of the embargo within twelve months. This will free up the productive capacity of the Cuban people and allowing them to live without the fear of mighty America unjustly invading their country demanding they follow our way of doing things or else.
The world and the Cuban people including those living in little Havana in Miami, will love you and Barack forever.

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