Sunday, May 23, 2010


The word oppression does not appear very much in America's political language . Even the comments about Arizona's "show me your papers" law does not include a strong condemnation , of it being oppressive.
Oppressive regime's and Administrations just do not exist,it appears, on Americas soil. That's what the tourist advertisement says. However in the last year, particularly since President Obama became the leader of the free world. Racist abnoxious groups and individuals from amongst the core of GOP supporters, who have NO solutions for America's economic and social problems are instead proposing 19th century Apartheid for America.
For a whole year in the midst of an economic decline brought on by the worst Presidential leadership in our 200 hundred year history, the GOP, their Tea Bag holders , some brainless leaders and the regular KKK members have been proposing OPPRESSING, even maiming progressive politicians and all non whites.
This voice of unparalleled backwardness in the free world has an official political face its RAND PAUL, a racist Tea Bagger from Kentucky....Who hopes the good people of the blue grass State will embarrass themselves back into the uninformed past of Ameicas shameful period.
Congressman Ron Paul's son big contribution to the ideals of freedom and the Great American Constitution is to have a provision that allows for private business racist employ discrimination and segregation as they damn well please to their customers. Where the Rights of the individual could be discarded and violated on private property.

In an effort to accommodate evil on Americans because of their color , racial indentity, religious persuasion or sexual orientation, evil white men or women,according to the Tea Party's front man, should be able to take action against other humans, as long as its on their private property..their store, their farm, their home, their docrtor's office, their woodshed or any place that's not public domain.

This is evil cruelty is right out of the Taliban's hand book.....In the case of the Taliban of Afghanistan, they claim is based on the mis-interpretation of the Islamic Koran. But Mr. Rand Paul and the Teabaggers philosophy are chapters from the decimated white southern Confederacy, the defeated South African Apartheid , Southern Africa's Rhodesia , Adolph's Germany, and Jim Crowe's bible of oppression.

The question must be asked, whats the social genesis of such a social outlook? Whats the environment that nurtures such hate towards humans..that is not officially called Nazism or Fascism ?

What has become of the Revolutionary America that waged war against the Feudalist and the evil English Royal Family of the 17th century? Where are conscious Americans that invited the world's people,to come and from far and wide to become free from the evils of economic discrimination and social segregation.

Our founding fathers embarked on a process of defeating the discrimination that King Richard of 1700's and his Family imposed on peasants and workers in the United Kingdom. Many Americans are direct descendants of those Scottish, Welch and Englishmen that fought to ensure that the fuedalist Colonialism and wretched discrimination did not reach the American shores.

Will George Washington, Thomas Jefferson , Benjamin Franklyn, Abraham Lincoln be ashamed to hear the rants of Rand..and the bigots of the Republican Party, in our American, this the most modern year of man's history ?

Its sad to know that Mr Paul..desire for private discrimination to be lawful , is meant to distract from the poor white folks of the old South and Kentucky,in particular, the reason for their seemingly everlasting poverty.... They never get a chance to ask Mr Rand or Senator De Mint, WHY ??.....are we still making $23,000.00 annually per family in South Carolina ?

WHY...?? is'nt education , improved living conditions, JOBS, and Medical Insurance for the hard Southern working folks , on the lips on Congressmen De Mint, Sessions,Graham and others rather spewing hate messages.

Southern poor folks need to get their own leaders who will seek their valued interest....not those that will talk guns and not education....get rid of those that preach hate and not have ideas on how to improve the quality of Southern life, of the descendants of the first Americans to escape the discrimination and segregation and OPPRESSION of the Feudalist English Royal Family.


Seane-Anna said...

Amlicar, you are a totally fool. You came to my blog "Hammer Folk Woman" several months ago and signed your comment "Your friend". You, sir, are NOT my friend. And you're not America's, either.

First off, before I say anything else, I want to inform you that I am Black. Yes, BLACK, in all captial letters. And, unfortunately for race baiting leftists, I'm a Black American who's truly anti-racist, i.e., I don't oppose or support anyone or anything on the basis of race and I put my nation above my race when I vote. I ask, "What's good for America?" not, "What's good for Blacks?" before I pull that lever.

Your contention that the Arizona law is oppressive is so preposterous tha it make me question your intelligence. Even if Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law might not work in practice, that hardly means it's oppressive. Let me ask you this, A. Arizona's law is oppressive against whom?

Law-abiding Americans and foreigners who are here LEGALLY have nothing to fear from this law as I understand it. Yes, I've heard all the leftist screeds about racial profiling but let me shock you by saying that I have NO PROBLEM WITH RACIAL PROFILING WHEN IT'S BASED ON REALITY.

If most of the people breaking a particular law happen to be non-White, what are the cops supposed to do? Go out and arrest White people just to prove they're not--gasp--profiling? Let's face facts. The majority of the foreigners breaking into America like thieves in the night are non-White. Sorry to burst your bubble, A, but blond, blue-eyed men named Sven aren't your typical illegal aliens. People of color, mostly Latinos, are. And that should have NO bearing on our immigration laws being enforced or on the American people having the right to expect our laws to be respected by foreigners.

Millions of foreigners come to America LEGALLY every year. I hear very few American complaining about that. What I DO hear Americans complaining about are the foreignes who BREAK OUR LAWS and then have the nerve to get mad when the consequences catch up to them.

Arizona's new law might not be the right response but it's motivated by total frustration over the disrespect of Mexicans and other foreigners have for American law and for the total unwilllingness of the feds to enforce immigration law. And if you think there's something sinister about Americans wanting their immigration laws to be enforced consider this. If you woke up in the middle of the night and discovered someone breaking into your home, would you consider him an "undocumented house guest" or an intruder? Would you call the police or would you just go back to bed so long as the "guest" was poor and Mexican?

Well, America is our national home. No matter how many sins you think America has committed she has the same right as every other independent, sovereign nation to protect her borders. I don't denounce Mexico for having immigration laws that are stricter than America's. As independent, sovereign people, Mexicans have the right to control the entrance of foreigners into their nation. AND SO DO AMERICANS.

Calling that oppressive may make you feel morally superior to us "evil" conservatives but all it really does is make you look incredibly disconnected from reality and an unpatriotic to boot.

Think about it, if you dare.

Amlicar said...

Hi Seana Anna, I thank you for your my comments about the Arizona "Show me your papers law". I disagree totally with your naive position on the law and its implications.

Its funny how you say that the law is not targeting a color of skin yet you claim Hanz Fritz is not held or looked at as an illegal.

Any law or policy that identifies people by the color of their skin or eyes is fundamentally wrong and CANNOT be tolerated.
This law in Arizona was NOT created to simply squeeze out illegal workers..( you call them immigrants I call them workers).

Its hidden , its only to you, intent is to attack the growing population of people who are not white..People are still, in the 21st century, talking about master race..

Laws are not an unyeilding concreticized tabloids..its a guide..some to action. In our everyday life a man kills another man but is given a different sentence to another man who kills a man also...why ??? because the LAW provides for circumstances..and sometimes the law itself maybe outdated and unable to deal with life today.
Thats why the cry has been foe a long time to upgrade the laws for new arriving Americans..

So please don't throw people under the Bus because you can.
Most of the proponents of attacking immigrants are using the issue as a RED HERRING..

This is my firm belief. All the facts show that is the issue.
Daniel Carver of either North or South Carolina...the famous KKK Grand Wizard..has been for a long time agitating for white people to attack hispanics..why, because they are not of his color

If you think Franz Fritz or Hong min Leung do not get here illegally you are mistaken...Every American except the Family of Geranimo and Sitting Bull are relatives of immigrants...Its Immigrants legal and illegal that ,by the sweat of their brow...built this claim to love... If you love America and is playing big time are carrying the same sentiment as Juan..or Maria..or Hong from Korea..or Jeffery from England or Sean from Ireland...or Odinga..from South Africa..America is not France or China or American has no distinct racial complexion..

So if you identify an illegal as a Hispanic ..who is here to work just like the first immigrant from from Wales or Scotland or even England.. who stayed here because compassion takes precedent over the law..That's how millions of immigrants came to this country and made with your family ,and mine it into a Super Power..

Arizona Lawmakers are trying to use the cloak and dagger method to practice racism..and you will have trouble with me and Millions even Billions of inhabitants of this Planet.if you try to use stupid logic to justify its existence one more day....We are NOT going back there after ...Hitler..Apartheid and JIm Crowe..

Finally read and research the people who are the behind the scene as framers of this Arizona law....They are bonafide racists , with long rap sheets..who still live in the dark ages and still carry a politically nazistic view of themselves and people who do not share their same color...which is as stupid as building a wooden fight 21st century aircraft carriers.

So Anna my Dear your color do not mean a fig skin to me..its what in your head that tells who you are..
By the way congrats on you highlighting the ancient African ritual of of assaulting young African girls vagina by backward societies, for some crude method of sexual management of little females.
So we could agree that there are ancient beliefs that still hamper our worldwide development..RACISM is just another one of them.......The Arizona "show me your papers" law seeks to find a way to justify it...

By the way, of the thousands that have read this comment I made none has found me totally incorrect as you....So many thousands cannot be wrong..the voice of the people is the voice of God.