Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The GOP ,The Fleabaggers, FOXNEWS and other Corporate sponsored Right Wing political groups, have been exposed , by a key figure within their midst, of mobilising Poor White Folks , by fermenting mass racial strife, in a deliberate and demented way to dis -unite the UNITED STATES for personal and political gain.

In my view this treasonous , and the full weight of THE GREAT AMERICAN CONSTITUTION , Federal and State Laws, should be carefully scruntinsed , to bring charges to those responsible.

There are two racially influenced activities that can easily be tied to the encouragement of attacking on an indivdual and community basis African Americans, Hispanic Americans and other minorities. There is, (1) the unlawful Arizona Legislation against Hispanics , especially those of Mexican Nationality.

The other,(2) is the racially motivated , shooting of nine (9) people , on August 3, at a Connecticut beer Warehouse. The report states that an African American, was asked to resign, after evidence was produced to show he used his position as a driver , to steal the comapny's beer. The report went on to say , after he accepted his fate he coolly whipped out armed weapons and began shooting at his former colleagues..

At first the inital reports, claimed that the shooter just lost his mind after being exposed as a thief. But sunsequent reports from his mother, other relatives , his Girlfriend,( a white woman),and her mother...suggested racial harassment, intmidation and racial taunting by his colleagues, all federal crimes were the cause of his retaliatory attacks.

Times Reporter.com , of Dover New Philadelphia, Ohio reported.."The gunman, a black man identified by a company executive as Omar Thornton, had complained of racial harassment and said he found a picture of a noose and a racial epithet written on a bathroom wall, the mother of his girlfriend said. Her daughter told her that Thornton's supervisors told him they'd talk to his co-workers. But a union official said Thornton had not filed a complaint of racism to the union or any government agency.."

As Americans we know exactly what happened here. We are familiar with this kind of reported racial intimidation in our place. Particularly where one race is in a majority in the work force. Normally it happens to minority workers. We have seen it also on Campuses..seeking to taunt and intimidate Teachers,Professors and Students.

Since President Barack Obama was elected, the GOP and splinter group, the Teabaggers ( I call them the Fleabaggers) have used racism and racial signs and racial baiting, trying to intimidate African Americans in general and the popular President in particular.

This message of racial baiting has been supported by Right Wing Talk show presenters ,such Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly amongst the leading Talk Show programs. Even a leading Corporate Television News Network FOXNEWS, has created a platform for their Presenters to engage in racial baiting through mis -information.

The audience of the Right Wing mis -information media, are normally called "the base of the Republican Party ", we know them as Poor White Folks, in pockets of the North East and mainly in the Mid West and Southern, (economically challenged) States .

This is the atmosphere in which the nine (9) people of Connecticut, were killed. Listeners and viewers of these racial programs are motivated to feel insecure and fearful, of people of different cultural and color backgrounds, They think its cool, to use racial baiting themselves on folks they assume are powerless to fight back.

In my view the victims families', of this tragic killing , including the killer's family, should file a class action suit against the GOP, the Fleabaggers, the Talk Show Hosts and FOXNEWS for inciting mass hysterical racial baiting, directed to their audience of GOP supporters, who provoked the incidence.....it appears .

Be mindful that my view in no way supports or tries to justifY, the action of Omar Thornton. In fact I condemn his actions, while attempting to place the blame for the entire tragedy and the atmosphere the workers of that beer distribution dealership were encouraged to see their fellow worker of a different color.

Condolences and saddness is shared to all nine families ...but the real culprits should be made to suffer the legal conquences for their collective motivational actions.......YES THIS IS MY TAKE ON........ THIS SITUATION..... ..BECAUSE THIS AMERICA...WHERE WE COME FROM DIFFERENT CORNERS OF THIS PLANET...... AT DIFFERENT TIMES,..., AND UNDER DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCES,.... DURING THIS COUNTRY'S HISTORY .... TO INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY ....PURSUE THE DREAM OF HAPPINESS......



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