Thursday, August 12, 2010


My Progressive friends......We are approaching this question of so handling socalled whining amongst the members of the progressive movement, TOTALLY INCORRECT.....

Please note that within an organisation or movement there is expected to have contradictions or conflict within that group...mostly its friendly..but sometimes it can be very heated and resolute... about policy and other emotional questions including ideological outlooks.The way to handle these questions of differing views within the same movement is not the way Mr.Gibbs did.

First it should be handled within the movement ..within the confines of the a movement be resolved internally.Secondly parameters are outlined that allows all to participate without acrimonious accusations.We have examples of progressive movements who failed to establish guidelines so that expected "WHINING" is properly heard and respected.Contradictions within the same movement or organization are not or seen as contradictions between rival political orgainzations .

Therefore they cannot be resolved in the same way as conflicts between the GOP and DNC..So , with all due respect..differing views between folks or groups within this progressive movement cannot be disrespected as whining...They cannot be wished away or swept under the carpet.....They have to resolved always with the intent of friends disagreeing....Anything else or any other approach..could be many ways.

The professional approach to handling criticism and contradictions within an organization and movement. must be set by the leadership and principles for handling such internal criticism. Criticism MUST be welcomed....but if the leadership fails to handle it organizationally..then political operatives..can easily mess it up..and disunite and isolate unfairly the very people that are leading the ideological battle against Right wing anti. people positions and policies. .

Maybe we should be guided by the principle...UNITY CRITICISM UNITY....

In that case we will NEVER disrespect our colleagues and members with a "whining" call of their criticisms..

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