Sunday, August 21, 2011


A wise man once said...KNOW YOUR FRIENDS AND KNOW THOSE WHO HATE BUT PRETEND TO LOVE YOU..." These words were suggested to PATRIOTIC AMERICANS,THAT WERE FAITHFUL TO UNION, the American President mobilizing to fight against the ANTI-AMERICAN ENEMY, CALLED,THE CONFEDERATES .

Americans who are earning annually between $21,000 and scraping by on donations from the State and Federal agencies are being attacked and hacked by the TEATHUGLIKANS and their FOX "blah-blah empty-vessels" puppets. They are attacked because the AMERICAN PEOPLE IN THEIR VAST MAJORITY, believes and says that EACH AMERICAN SOCIAL STRATA (called class)in this "downgrade", should contribute economically, financially, even physically, according to its ability.

Of course this is a sensible "hard times" policy that ALL could agree to the call for ALL HANDS ON DECK. The suggestion that the wealthy minority make a contribution to America's development has brought out the rats , KOCHroaches , and other bloodsucking vermints raising hell and shouting CLASS WARFARE.

There is NO CLASS WARFARE...ONLY a call to .... PAY YOUR DAMN FAIR SHARE! The estimated income expected into the American REVENUE COLUMN from this fair share.....WILL BE $700 BILLION IN TEN YEARS. But instead the greedy BATS want the residents of the RED STATES TO GIVE UP GIVE UP THEIR MEDICARE AND MEDICAID AND JOBS IN STATE ADMINISTRATIONS. They prefer to cut grants to American children with disabilities. THE KOCH brothers want to destroy all PUBLIC SCHOOLS and charge EVERY PARENT IN THE RED STATES , who earn $20,000.00 and less annually to pay for everything or get left on death's door.

For many years poor white folks, sounded happy when Republicans and now TEATHUGLIKANS, called poor African American folks and poor Hispanic folks, and poor Irish folks, and poor Italian folks all sorts of racial and ugly names. Now that many POOR WHITE FOLKS ARE UNITING WITH OTHER AMERICAN POOR FOLKS...FOR THE SURVIVAL OF OUR AMERICA. We are hearing a different hate mongering.

Federal and State political puppets together with the "blah-blah empty vessels" at LYING FAUXNEWS are now HATING ALL POOR FOLKS FOR HAVING FRIDGES, STOVES , OVENS, and TV's while being poor....Listen to them announce their hate for YOU....YOU... YES YOU! Who have turned your back on other poor AMERICANS....BELITTLING THEM UGLY PHRASES ..BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT BEING white WAS all that, even PRICELESS (everyone knew many centuries ago, it was just another color)....Listen as they put YOU back in your CLASS. Welcome. glad you are back!.... Just click.....

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