Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Ronald E Carson ,My Facebook Buddy, had this to say last night... "People better wake the fuck up. They are taking no prisnors. They are out to destroy the middle class. We've seen this model before in the middle east, in banana republics, and even in Nazi Germany. In each case the people got fucked; however, that isn't gonna happen to me and mine, and I'm not alone. They'd best back off, 'cause I'm just as crazy and mean as they are! I'm just sayin'!"
This was in response to a report by THINKPROGRESS.ORG, that quoted Congressman ERIC CANTOR. The FAA shut down over House Republicans’ insistence on including anti-union provisions in the agency’s re-authorization bill and the airlines are poised to collect $1.3 billion or more of extra profits in forgone taxes. With the FAA unable to collect the $28.6 million a day in aviation taxes it usually takes in, some of the nation’s largest airlines, including United and Delta, are pocketing the windfall, instead of passing their savings onto customers.

Appearing on Fox News this afternoon, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) defend this practice, saying, “That’s what business does”:

Oddly, Cantor seems to be unintentionally making the progressive argument about corporate taxes here. While conservatives generally argue that cutting business tax rates will lead to companies passing on savings to consumers and hiring more employees, progressives argue that corporations will just pocket much of these savings. The FAA shutdown offered an ideal test case for this question, and it seems that even Cantor agrees that pocketing tax savings is “what business does.”

We could get to hate CONGRESS for their belligerent ANTI AMERICAN PHILOSOPHY........First it was trying to destroy , Americas credit rating. Now ... it is attacking the American workers Bargaining Units, (Unions).. CLEARLY THEY ARE GOING ON AN ANTI MIDDLE CLASS / WORKING CLASS ATTACK. We know that there is a plan to down grade the living standards and income levels of ALL Americans...while creating a vortex to funnel all of Americas wealth into the pockets of the two percent of the wealthy billionaires and Corporation owners. .....THIS IS A LIFE OR DEATH BATTLE..AS AMERICANS ARE YOU WILLING TO FIGHT TO PROTECT 235 YEARS OF AMERICAS INDEPENDENCE..?
It better be YES...... because they are COMING AFTER YOU and your livelihood.....Yes the TEATHUGLICANS are coming after you ..and me..and Grannie...and infant Sarah!!!

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