Thursday, September 08, 2011


Today Sept. 08 2011, President Obama is expected to deliver a strategic plan that brings , much needed Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs to the employment starved USA.

Our expectation on January 19th 2009, at his inauguration, that this bright , intelligent and charismatic leader with the exotic name, would have been " thumping the Republicans" and have us hooping and hollering as he scores victory after victory, on his way to making AMERICA PROSPEROUS AGAIN.

Although the President was brilliant at times, with his stance and position on policies to improve the lives of middle class and the poorest of the poor Americans. It was these same "poorest of the poor" Americans , mobilized by racists and bigot thugs of the Tea Party, on the basis of the color of the President's skin, that has seen misguided Americans pummel, embarrass, cuss, piss, and extraordinarily humiliate their leader to serve Big Corporation interest.

There are two things that happened during those sponsored attacks on our President. In the first instance, , the American people, you and me, sat back on our hands and allowed this anti- American parade to continue without a sliver of support or defense of the integrity of the man we just elected. We knew fully well that organised bigotry, like organized crime, was trying to bulldoze President Obama from working in AMERICA'S best interest and deliver our country exclusively to corrupt Big Business.

Secondly , the President, never lost his cool, just like Christ did, he took all the kicks, and public abuse, with a steely commitment to SERVE AMERICA. He accepted the humiliation in front of his family, his relatives at home and abroad, fellow world leaders and constituents. While displaying unusual humility, we know that our esteemed leader at times wanted to "kick some ass" , or a few doors in frustration...... like this....

But he never did......

In a sense we betrayed our President, the world's most respected leader. The leader of a country, that normally demands respect internationally for its citizens. We even watched in amazement , how American bigots, tried to undermine his citizenship. During all of those attacks , WE SAT ON OUR HANDS AND DID NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL TO SHOW HIM VISIBLE SUPPORT.

There was a time in America, not long ago, when middle and working class America will not have allowed their collective interests to be abused and undermined by special interest groups. I remember middle class wives mobilizing, in their communities to ensure , their President or other social and political leaders and political issues dear to them, got their visible support.

Today President Obama, is going to present to Congress and the world, a remarkable Jobs strategy, even before the details of this plan were revealed, we have the puppets of Big Corporations with political ambitions, vowing not to support it. OF COURSE THESE PUPPETS, ARE EMPLOYED.

For two years and 8 months we have seen our aspiration and expectations dashed, by the puppet congress, leaving America financially and economically injured. Also today , President Obama is going to ask the Republicans and the Tea Party puppets to come to their senses and choose.....EITHER THEIR PUPPET MASTERS...OR THEIR COUNTRY....

You too , AMERICA, are also going to be asked...if not by the President, but at least by your conscience and the world at large. WHAT IF THE PUPPET CONGRESS......CHOOSES THEIR PUPPET MASTERS...AND PARTY ( the Teathuglikans) AND LEAVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS JOBLESS?? Are you going to sit on your hands, again , and hope to wait until NOVEMBER 2012 , to get a new majority Congress, that President Obama can negotiate with???? Or are we going to mobilize visible support to protect our families......???

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