Friday, September 16, 2011


Republican analyst and media commentato­r Pat Buchanan, admitted that the USA has been broken as a super power, by the last US President, George W. Bush. This revelation has been denied by the Republican Party and its appendage the Tea Party, for three years.

The question that has to be answered, is, what , will America accept as a set of policies that will work to help regain our lost status.? Will we accept the same policies that sunk our economy, if they are produced by another set of extreme Americans ? Will America, at its core, where the middle class reside, be sensible , or wise enough to recognize the correct direction to take?

Will Americans at the lower economic levels, allow the issues of race and religion, to influence their determinat­ion , to regain our lost Super Power economic Championsh­ip? That is the position every AMERICAN HAS TO MAKE ....What's your choice?

Finally what has been the history of a Super Power, who has been internally destroyed . Do they rebound, or do they continue on the path of destructio­n? At this moment which political approach is going to help us regain our lost Super Power economic position?

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