Wednesday, January 09, 2008


America is not a progressive country. America is becoming an old conservative country that has lost its desire to break new ground, open new frontiers,or be a major international leader. This 21st century America , we are living in, is showing the same social backwardness, as the old imperial Rome , when science and modern thinking were as feared, as the then, radical thoughts of christianity , and got you thrown to the Lions.
Let it be told , that American men ( mainly white men) are afraid of the modern, aspiring, ambitious, intelligent woman. They are also equally afraid and noticeably jealous of black openly ambitious and successful men. But in this period, they are conveniently more afraid of the white ambitious strong woman.
White American men portray all the weaknesses, that black working class mothers frantically beat the hell out of their sons and grandsons.
While the civil rights movements of Dr Martin Luther King, and the radical follow-ups of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, have exposed and reduced, somewhat , open and glaring racial attacks (verbally and physically), attacks on and hate for women have persisted. Just count the number of deaths and violence on women, exclusively by men, and men known by the victims, just in the last five years.
American men have developed a penchant for hating and hurting women, so much so that when you listen and read the comments of hate not mistrust, but brutal disdain, without rational and intelligent justification, for HILLARY CLINTON you get the sense of what it must feel like for black men , since landing in America, centuries ago, to work here for free.
In the other gender aisle of women, the prototype white ( and some black as well) successful, professionally educated, ambitious females behave like predators with no knowledge of their history or civil circumstance. The female intelligentsia in our America has accepted that there are two staircases to the glass ceiling . One that is requiring the tough skin approach, unyielding and determined, the one Hillary is accused of having.
Or the other staircase, that requires the Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole approach.where you say; " where shall I like down?" or/and "where is the champagne"?
We can imagine that Hillary Clinton will not be a hero for Marilyn Monroe or Anna Nicole, understandably so. But to hear the Bullcrap recited by females of middle class America about why they can't support her is quite disheartening and should bring tears to "women of substance" eyes. American, mainly, white middle class women, are weak , victims of male dominated social brutality, devoid of compassion for their historical responsibility
Thank god the women of New Hampshire are bred in the working class environment of their State.Where the principles of unity, and unity of purpose, are the foundations of their community, so that they and not the farmer's wives of Iowa ,could recognise the historical importance of supporting a progressive female politician like Hillary Clinton.
Even if Hillary Clinton does not win another primary, the women of New Hampshire saved 21st century America from a historical embarrassment at this time.
It should be noted that Barack Obama, and his politics , is a man after my own heart. So this is not anti Obama rap.
But I am sufficiently comfortable that there is not much disparity between the two(Hillary and Barack) on major issues, and given this historic event and Hillary's general world outlook, she gets the nod over Barack.
You too should re-examine the situation .

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