Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I think Hillary exposed Barack, as a somebody's make up political rock star.
He ain't no Martin Luther King Jr. From his voting records it shows that he was a shoe shine boy for some interest, in Chicago. In my opinion he was promised support , if he behaved in a certain way. He has done exactly that.

From all indications it appears as if he was planted by the camouflage movement of the neocons.
The giveaway? No progressive person or progressive blackman has anything praiseworthy to say about Ronald Reagan, and Obama has found a way to issue the buzz word of the neocons.
Mr Barack Obama is a fraud. A chosen black "plant" by someone who does'nt have have the interests of America at heart. The neocons has given him more support than African Americans. In fact he has become the political spoiler distracting the audience from hearing indebt contributions from John Edwards as well.

Additionally if NEWSMAX .COM, as a right wing and anti people information center, as there could ever be , could express happiness for Barack Obama, then the whole thing stinks like fish. Black people we need to run , and run fast, the shit is about to hit the fan.

Boooooo, you were found out.
We should thank the smart American political investigators for exposing another episode by the classical hatefilled american LOOSERSsss

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