Saturday, February 28, 2009


This week's Conference of rabid Republicans , lunatic fringe fascists, anti -American politicians who are seeking to introduce a violent ideology into American democratic politics, is cause for concern , in a country where Upper Class sponsored violence to gain political dominance , happened once before.

We have seen this insane violent rhetoric in politics before, during the 1960's and 1970's throughout South America and the oppressed people gained their independence and freedom from minority class domination, both internal and international ,the right wing lunatics began to incite violence.

This GOP party has always harboured and nuttured the ideology of right wing violence, reflected in actions by Klu Klux Klan, skin heads, neo nazis, old time fascists, wealthy crooks and anti american politicians.

Many of these anti American nationalists see this period , of SAVING AMERICA, the same way the the defeated Conferderates saw the abolition of slavery and the period where African Americans were leading the movement to rebuild and SAVE THE SOUTH. The reaction of some "crazy" Senators Male and Female is reminiscent of the Southern Big Landowners , their politicians and chargehands during the Reconstruction period . The words of hate are the same.

Many speakers at this conference want to use the "nigger" in referencing the President, but are unsure of the pubicity and their Mobile Park base reactions.

The klu Klax klan was formed during that period 1864 to 1874 when African Americans were elected to Congress and were putting their talents to work to rebuild the America after the Civil War. Today we are hearing talk of "coup" like violent talk of taking back "we" country from " the black man ", you know thats what they mean.

Who is going to respond to this, so-called soft call for violence, it will be the same group or class of folks who responded to the same call to "take back we country" against the leadership of FREDERICK DOUGLAS and other white and black progressives over a 140 years ago. They are already organised in their groups and are armed. They were among the heavy buyers of ammunitions just after President Barack Obama was elected.

t Back then it was Small Farmers, farm helpers, former soldiers of the confederate army, lazy bums,Cowhands, Ranchers and all white men who were encouraged to believe that slavery was a natural birth right of the African and white men had dominion over all men not white.

After 500 hundred years of the greatest the first mistake of humankind , slavery, skillfully and willfully, dehaumanising fellow humans to work as chattell free labor to make a minority class or feudal group rich. The AMERICAN G.O.P. STILL UPHOLDS THAT DESIRE TO OWN SLAVES AND RULE SOCIETY AS FEUDAL LORDS AND FASCISTS DICTATORS.

As a group that are very much similar to the Taliban in outlook and desire for domination or they will smash up the place and it residents. The crazy female Senator from Minnesota , can be likened to any overzealous militant in the extreme Islamic fundamental Movement. Completely devoid of commensense, just as former Senator Tom Delay, but full of selfishness , greed, and general hatred for the American people.

Non of what we had seen and heard from the Republicans and their Representatives , since January 20th 2009 , reflects the spirit, of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy or Bill Clinton.( It may reflect a tangible bit of Mr. "all for the rich"Ronald Reagan).

Neither does it reflect the guiding principles of the THE GREAT AMERICAN CONSTITUTION, or the promise to be exemplar citizens of America and the World. This in my estimation , represents counter- productivity, counter - progressive, counter- the American Revolution and its therefore ANTI -AMERICAN. The Progressive Movement and all democratic loving people should condemn and expose this blatant call to violence on the unarmed American people.

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