Wednesday, February 04, 2009


There is a massive debate taking place in every home and work place about the Stimulus Plan presented to Congress for its approval by President Obama . Almost all listeners have to depend on some source for information to determine their position of support or not, for the package.

Americans unlike other developed countries workers and general population have been denied the tools of analysis that will assist them to correctly evaluate a situation, so they depend on a few bench marks to guide themselves.

One of the indicators, the American people used to determine. to who to trust, who to believe and subsequently support their point of view, most people follow the political party of their choice. Almost all Americans have been deceived by this indicator, of trust, almost everyday and definitely every four years. How can that be , in a highly educated empire , and modern super power, as the USA ?

We Americans have never been told that this is a class society. With an Upper class, that is as selfish is the King's Family of 1776. The present conservative Republican party and its policies of every kind represent the ideals and goals of that monarchy today.

We are not told that people defend their class interest in their opinions and outlooks. We listen to talk show hosts and opinion leaders but do not understand which class they represent. Many talk show hosts are simple middle class folks who take positions outside their class, supporting the employers view where they work, so they can get paid.

Commentators like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly are opportunist who fashion their view to a specific audience , that are not famous for reading and researching themselves, but rely on them, as supporters of racism and Republican hate values of minorities and African Americans.

When you hear a comments from these protaganists of American backwardness, you know its intended to justify a class view, as imported and phony as it is, to these men and growing number of backwarding thinking hate values, female, talk show hosts.

When you listen to politicians bumping their gums, criticizing the "stimulus package" their arguments are in contradiction to the situation before us. They use the same arguments of Ronald Reagan, the devil of American progressive economics. Totally blind to the circumstances and the all out efforts required to SAVE AMERICA.

So when next you hear some one talk examine their wisdom, their knowledge background and their class affliation to determine if you can trust wholeheartedly their view, or if you have to take their position 'with a grain of salt'.

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