Saturday, February 07, 2009


I think, this destruction of our economy by the Republicans and their Party. Have given us an opportunity to retool the American economy and make it better than our forefathers ever imagined. In my view the majority of Americans, of the middle class, of the working class and immigrants are willing to roll up their sleeves and go for it.

But a road block, to such an outstanding effort is and will be the Upper class. That minority, less than 10 per cent of the population, who think they are the Kings and Queens of America. They who continue to frustrate growth in our country, by siphoning, up the wealth to their loft, using it to build, extravagant yachts, gold plate bathroom taps, and all other decadent "waste full spending".

The remaining
balance they wish to trickle down, to serve the country and its hard working decent people. We always knew that they will fight tooth and nail to keep this same economic system, even if they bled it to death. When they could NOT even finance THE TRICKLE DOWN they came and begged for the same people, they are stealing from, and their representatives, in Congress, to loan them some BILLIONS , so they could continue their greedy exploitation of America's financial wealth.

Now that the New President Obama is proposing to loan, the people, their own wealth to finance a new direction for the American economy, all over the world, workers are hearing them whining and crying wolf, they want 50% of this , stimulus package in tax breaks for themselves, again. They are also crying and pleading to be given control again of the American economy so they can navigate and dictate , who can eat and how they should sleep. ( Blaming it on a fictitious market forces, the imaginable invisible hand of the greedy capitalist).

I suggested to President Obama's transition that they will have to find a way to reduce the cost of production and subsequently the cost of Upper class income, the cost of prices, while at the same time increasing production and the availability of goods and services.

Again , such an ambitious progressive , "thinking of tomorrow " plan, will cause much bellowing , yelping and whining as we heard for the past week, from Republican Senators, whose greatest fear in this period, is their irrelevance.

When the Feudal system failed the new progressive class of bourgeoisie, particularly in Europe,who sought a new economic system and a new method of production, a new accumulation of wealth and its new redistribution of the wealth created. The owners of the feudal system, the real Kings and Queens, the owners of ALL the wealth created by their people, yelped and whined because they saw the writing on the wall..their irrelevance to the society was becoming evident.

So it is with the JOHN MC CAIN'S , LINDSAY GRAHAM'S , the nonsensicals such as SARAH PALIN's and JOE D' PLUMBER. The wind of change is blowing in their faces but they prefer to play the role of the historical DON QUIXOTE . Standing in the way of progress only leaves you trampled under the feet of the progressives on their way to a new beginning. Going back is not an option !!

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Chris Wysocki said...

Irrelevant? Who do you think creates the jobs which build wealth? Not government! Not ersatz Peoples Republics.

Successful people create new businesses and new jobs. They are the engine of progress. Not whiny layabouts with their hands out.